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November 2007

Thomas Horn - Eastpointe, MI

It was very informative about Bruce county and in particular I liked the fact the tour was on motorcycles. After watching I've been interested in buying a Yamaha V-Star, which I think was loaned to the cast for this show.

Raymond Blanchong - Custar, OH

Loved the show! We were in this area this fall and couldn't remember everything you told us about to see and do!! We are planning to return next fall for more adventures!!

Gaye Arnott - Port Huron, MI

My husband LOVES it up there and LOVES gardens! He saw this show and asked me to PLEASE order this for him...I have been a huge fan of your show for YEARS. Thank you for such a informative and fun show...keep up the GREAT work!!

Elizabeth Kereji - Livonia, MI

Great Show! We look foward to visiting some of these gardens during the summer season. When on vacation the highlight of every day for me is an ice cream cone. So, aapreciate, Tom's selection of home made pumpkin pie ice cream.

Wally Anchor - Ferndale, MI

My wife and I love to travel (we have a motorhome) and I love exporing new places that are within a reasonable distance of our home. Todays show was excellant. Thank you

Jean Freismuth - St. Clair Shores, MI

I am newly retired and my husband and I are planning different trips. This week's featured "getaway" sounds wonderful.

Kathy Osterhout - Casper WY

We were born and raised in Manistique, MI and love to be reminded of the beauty surrounding our little town. Thank you and we look forward to seeing more about Michigan in the future.

Eileen Kamrath - Port Hope, ON

Fantastic Show I really enjoy Tom O'Boyle shows on saturdays.as I use to live in Bruce county.and move to the Port Hope area 25 years ago and enjoy his tv shows

December 2007

Gary Daniels - Houghton Lake, MI

Great show, want to send video down state to friends.

Brandon Fromm - Madison Heights, MI

Great show this week. Every year I go to South Higgins State Park to camp. This week showed all the things we do in the summer and I'm trying to get my dad to take me up there in the winter. So thanks again, great show.

Jiri Nagr - Pontiac, MI

Thank-you for producing a wonderful show, showing us how we can enjoy what this wonderful state we live in has to offer during the winter season. Looking forward to visiting and trying some of the activities depicted in this episode. Once again thank-you.

William Barry - Woodland, MI

I want to send the show to friends out of state, so they can see a fun vacation place.

Robert Skiba - Lapeer, MI

Very informative show. Just the kind of weekend I would like to do. Thanks

Gail Dionne - Timmins, ON

This was the first time we saw your program -my husband and I thought it was great! We definitely plan on making the Bruce Ride one of our bike trips this summer! (Too bad we have to wait for the snow to go first though!)

Roman Avant - Detroit, MI

Great show. The colors ride on a motorcycle is a great way to see and enjoy the sights, and you covered it well with places of interest to visit while enjoying the ride. I will be turning in this information to our tourguide so that they can research it and put it on our schedule for next year.

Joe Van Poucker - MI

I was channel surfing when I came across your show this week on Riding Gray and Bruce Counties. Excellent show. Went right to their web site and downloaded the map. It will be on my places to visit this summer on the bike. Would love to see more shows like this for us local bikers.

Douglas Kirchoff - Waterford, MI


Michael/Elizabeth Hauer - Clinton Twp, MI

Looks great - we are ready to get out of this snow and ride!

Dave Carlson - Traverse City, MI

As Harley riders, this was a great program. We have never been on this trip and after seeing your show today we will be planning a trip this coming summer. Thanks for the good trip! DAVE

Robert Dace-Smith - Davisburg, MI

As a morotcyclist, I enjoyed it very much. I'd like to see more cycle tours featured, if at all possible. Thanks for a great show.

Debbie Groat - Rhodes, MI

Wow! Ths was my very first viewing of your show; what a fantastic amount of information! I can't wait for spring to check these places out! It looked so relaxing, without the crowds. Thank you for a beautiful show! Debbie Groat

John Moore - White Lake, MI

Wow, this was my first time seeing the show, and may I say what a delight it was to see. How well photographed and wonderful music, I felt like I was there exploring those trails with you. Please add me to your mailing list, and tell me of upcoming shows, you see i have neuropathy in both my legs and feet, as well as reacurring bone infections, so you see , I don't know how much longer I will be able to walk, so i want to see the beauty of this state before i am unable too. Keep up the awesome work, and i hope to be hearing from you soon, again i must say what a great show you have, thank you, John Moore

Joyce Berry - Lennon, MI

It brought all kinds of wonderful memories of when I was a kid and loved to walk through the woods. I especially enjoyed the Fall colors. We used to pick blueberries, and enjoy the blue skies and smell the fresh air. My folks cabin was on Van Etten Lake,across from the Air Base. My brother and I would ride our bikes to Oscoda and get an ice cream cone. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. Joyce

Robin Chall - Saginaw, MI

Hard to believe all this is right in front of me and I never took the time to view it. I guess I neglected to see real beauty by heading out west but that is about to change!

Matthew Ericksen - Linden, MI

The show was great. I grew up in Michigan and just moved back after living on the east coast (MD and MA) for 9 years. The show got me excited to get my kids out hiking in MI. Thanks for some ideas on family friendly places to hike.

Sarah Wozniak - Marquette, MI

I absolutely loved this show! I have lived in the U.P for two years now, and this show did the U.P justice. It also gave me some great spots to vist that i never knew existed! Thank you for the show, it gave me a chance to show my Detroit family why I love the U.P!

Vincent Pulvirenti - Richmond, MI

Excellent, I will use this information for planning future trips, thanks, Vince

Edward Ruffley - Bloomfield, MI

We enjoyed watching this program. It offered good ideas for exploring part of Michigan that we have never visited. We plan on following some of your travel suggestions in the next year.

Charles Gelsinger - Albuquerque, NM

Beautiful camera work of a great area. Makes me want to visit.

Stone Michaels - Windsor, ON

Some of those trails look like they haven't been maintained in a long time!

Paul Bush - St. Clair, MI

It made me wish I was there. I love the off the beaten path so to speak type trips. My family and I are always looking for a new place to go but not a long ways off. This looks like an area we would like to visit in the fall. I had just waken up from working the night shift and your show was on, it was a nice way to start the day, thanks Paul Bush

Donna Hobusch - Bloomfield Hills, MI

Enjoyed the show. Nice slow pace to watch on tv - which is unusual these days. No mention if dogs were allowed to hike along side.

Peggy Oshust - Edmonton, AB

This was the first time I saw your show. I enjoyed it very much. We will be travelling through Michigan this summer. So we were especially interested in the program content. We do a lot of travelling in our RV and so are always looking for interesting places to go. Where would I get information on where and times of your shows airing?

We have stations and times listed right here.

Chris Connor - Adrian, MI

Very informative and enjoyable. Your shows are frequently the source of our travels thru Michigan. Thanks very much for you work.

Harry Hawkins Jr - Flint, MI

I thought that this week's show was the greatest getaway show for the beautiful fall colors of the upper peninsula fall travel planner of the year. keep up the great work all of you.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Joan Mann - Bath, MI

Great . . . loved it!!! Showed places we haven't visited yet. Making plans now for the summer. Will be taking our small fishing boat. All the UP is great for a get-a-way! Lots of waterfalls too. Been visiting Yooper land for over 40 years."

Tom Cooley - Lyons, MI

Me again. Could you send me the name or web site for the B&B that kinda caters to motorcyclists from the Grey / Bruce area. A friend told that you talked to the owners on the show and that they were bikers themselves. I would like to contact them. Thanks

That was Barbara & Dave Wynd at Taylor-Made Bed & Breakfast
519.793.4853 | TOLL FREE 1.877.434.9464

Brian Quaderer - St. Johns, MI

We are looking at doing this trip next year as we just did the ""Superior"" loop Labor Day week. Been away from it for 20yrs. Can't wait! ps I do the snomobiling thing too! Keep up the new and interesting work!

Matthew Szczesiul - Roseville, MI

loved it! just bought a harley and looking for great destinations. keep it up.

Kevin Wheaton - Flint, MI

I enjoyed your motorcycle touring show, and look forward to planning my own trip, I may even bring some of the Canadian X Riders or Michigan X Riders with me! Thanks for assembling all this great information. Weatherman

Kenneth Millard - Thompsonville, MI

Been on and off watcher for a while, but this new show has made a new viewer. My wife was entralled with the show and destinations, thank you!

Frank Wallen - Quincy, MI

I love your show and try to catch it every sunday on PBS. I have lived in Michigan most of my life and I see places I enjoy visiting on your show. But what I enjoy most is I find places to visit on your show that are new to me so keep up the good work. Thank you Frank Wallen

Nancy Richardson - Lowell, MI

Great. I love seeing places to go close to home. With the high price of gas it is getting more expensive to travel far. I really enjoy seeing places off the beaten path and away from the big towns. I would love to see some shows covering some the the National Forest campgrounds in Upper and Lower MI. The few we have been to have some great scenic lakes and woodlands. -Nancy

Gordon Brown - Spring Lake, MI

Excellent information as always! Keep up the good work! I have always enjoyed your shows. They inspire one to seek out the best nature has to offer. I have been to many of the places you have outlined in your travelogues. I have not been disapointed in any I have visited! Thanks for your caring and sharing!!!!! Thanks again, Gordon L. Brown Sr.

Dwight Mauk - Webberville, MI

I've always loved the show. Tom goes to all of the places I wish I had time to go to, and some of them that I make time to go to. My family and I will be visiting the Schoolcraft area soon, and this video will help me plan the trip. We used to always pledge our PBS money around Fred Trost's show, now we'll be pledging around yours. Thanks again, and keep the show alive.

William Marzion - Livonia, MI

Hi, was a great show. We are motor homers and love michigan. We are planning a trip this summer. Going up north. In our plans we will be stopping at all the places on your show.

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