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March 2007

Constance Schwietert - Orlando FL

As a retired nurse, finally having time to enjoy nature, kayaking, hiking etc, this show was great. With relazed commentary and beautiful peaceful waterways and wildlife sightings.

Brian Johnston - Columbiaville MI

Hi Tom ,I love your show, please never go off the air, I want to come up this summer and visit the place in the U P thanks so much, Brian Johnston.

Nancy VanBeest - Linden MI

I love Houghton Lake. Not too far not to close. When I was a small child my grand parents had a resort on the lake.I enjoy the history and walking down memory lane. I wouldn't plan a vacation without your show.

Michael Wenner- Marine City MI

Unfortunately I missed it, our local PBS station has changed days and times for Great Getaways. I always would get up early on Sat. mornings just to watch it, it was part of my routine. It's nice to know that there is still good family oriented programs such as yours with good family values concerning the outdoors. As soon as I figure out where they have put you in the local listings I will be once again a loyal watcher. As an avid camping person I really enjoy your segments, it makes me feel as if I'm almost there.I've received your segment on the Ausable.....my wife and I are looking forward to canoeing that this summer. Thank you again for your appreciation of the great outdoors, it's always a pleasure to watch. Michael Wenner

Ryan Miller - Riverview MI

I am sorry I missed about half of this past week's episode. Too bad it is not replayed more like some other shows, I will be making a suggestion to WTVS here in Detroit. Houghton Lake looks great, as I love anything within a couple hour drive. I just today recieved the info pack requested after the Oscoda/Ausable episode. That episode was the decision maker for me to go out and purchase a kayak. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Brian Adkins - Sevierville TN

I miss MI and you all do a great job helping a displaced Michigander enjoy home.

Katie Beauvais - Monroe MI

I think you have a really great show. While you've featured many places I've already been, particularly in northern Michigan, I never find myself bored while watching your program. I'd like to recommend that you consider doing a program about the AuSable River Canoe Marathon. I know you highlighted it briefly while stopping at canoer's monument, but the race truly deserves it's own show. Surely the festivities that take place in downtown Grayling before the race and the celebration after the race in Oscoda would be great to include in the program. I know that there are many people out there like me who are fans of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon, but have a hard time finding or seeing any information on it. Thank you for your time.

William Wandell - Pewamo MI

I liked the areas shown and all the infromation you gave about those areas. The firemens memorial is a great place to visit every fall during the festival.

Charles Brodei - Hale MI

Good informative show. We will visit the area

kb king - Roscommon MI

As a relative new commer to the aream I really enjoy your program and the area you televise. I am thankfull for programs like ""Great Getaways"" and am looking forward to the DVD of this weeks program and the future programs. Thanks again...........

David Harden - Frankfort MI

Great! I am anxious to hike and canoe in the Houghton Lake area. I have not done that since my kids were small or in grade school and now my grandkids are in high school. The Houghton area is also good in the summer. I just need some information so I can plan some outings in that area. Thanks for the help. Dave Harden

Mike Brown - Mount Morris MI

This weeks show was very good; as always. I wanted the DVD of this week because I've bought a new pop-up camper and am looking for good places to camp that aren't to far from home.(I live 1/2 hour North of Flint) I'm very much into hiking and didn't realize how many trails were around there. My wife is not into hiking so I have to find places that we can compromise on. Houghton Lake sounds like it has a little bit of everything. P.S. I said that I liked Houghton Lake show because it wasn't to far away, but some of your shows I like the best are of the U.P. and Canadian areas. (I like the more primitive things)

Tim Haranczak - Troy MI

nice presentation. keep up the good work!

Terry Hinman - Alanson MI

Enjoyed the show very much and look forward to the new show every saturday.

April 2007

Paul A. Baar - Hudsonville MI

It must have beeen a great show!! It took me away from the NASCAR race

Lindsey Sumerix - Whitmore Lake MI

For the type of activities that my husband and I are interested in, I thought that this week's getaway to Leelanau definitely spiked our interest. It would probably be the perfect getaway for us. Thanks for a great show!! Will and Lindsey

Craig Morgan - Port Huron MI

The coverage and content is always interesting and makes you wanting to get up from your chair and get into the truck and go. Soon we will be traveling Northward again. Thanks for all of your years of producing a quality show. Continued years of success. Craig Morgan

Cheryl Junkins - Monroe MI

I love your show......I think Michigan has a lot to offer. You show it on you program places I never thought of going. Thank you so much.

Tatjana Smith - Algonac MI

Hi Tom! Unfortunately, your show doesn't air in our neighborhood on Saturday morning anymore. We are able to view it at noon, which is a bit late for us. So, we miss quite a few shows. However, we took the trip to Houghten Lake. We happen to go about a week too late. So, we were unable to go x-country skiing, as we ran into freezing rain. The trip was not for naught however as we managed to check out were all the trails are located. It will come in handy next year. Things are turning around up there and it will be a pleasure to go back. I am looking forward to see the DVD from Manistique. Jane Smith

Randy Nitzschke - Grand Blanc MI

We spend lots of time in outdoor activities and are always looking for places in Michigan that we have not seen. I enjoyed the segment on the canoeing, kayaking and camping areas, especially the Seany wildlife area.

Hank Kaufmann - Saginaw MI

I watched the program twice. I especially enjoyed the trip down the Manisique River and would like to learn more about canoeing the Fox River for brook trout. (Some of my favorite outdoor activities are the ones that combine sports, e.g. hunting on snowshoes, fishing from a canoe or while on a backpacking trek. Moreover Hemingway's story ""Big Two Hearted River"" allegedly really took place on the Fox. And while some fishermen regard brook trout as somewhat easier to catch than browns, they are my favorite fish and I love the waters that contain them.) Casinos don't do a damn thing for me but they certainly are a part of the landscape these days and I suppose it would have been a noteworthy omission not to have included the Kewadin. As with Tawas and Oscoda my impression of Manistique and the surrounding area is that there is enough variety to be interesting for individuals, couples and families regardless of the time of year. However, since the program was taped on mild days, it made me especially eager for the nice weather to be here so I can enjoy a similar adventure. Overall the program was good enough that I am forwarding this offer to friends and relatives from out of state. Hank Kaufmann

Sharon Goff - Saint Helen MI

Really enjoyed the show, the canoe trip at Seney National Wildlife, the Northland Outfitters, The Hiking Trails, Indian Lake, way good loved it & enjoyed seeing the Kids, too. THANKS, Sharon

David Grabowski - Macomb Twp MI

I truly enjoyed it! It brought back great memories of a 3 day canoe trip I took on the Manistique with my Father over 30 years ago.

Susan Lindson - Ferndale MI

I really appreciated that you gave the conditions of trails and talked about where handicapped access is. This way we know where we can talk my mother-in-law, and what kinds of footware we should wear. Nicely done. Thank you!

James Jackson - Sterling Heights MI

Good Morning, The show was wonderful and full of good information. I just returned to Michigan from living in Europe after 19 yrs. And the last two yrs I've spent in Iraq, and I was hurt so I am getting treatment here in my home state. Any information that yous can send my way would be wonderful. Thank you, James Jackson.

Nick Posak - St. Clair MI

Your show is very well done, informative, educational as well as entertaining. Thanks for your efforts. Keep up the terrific work!

Michael Poissant - Wixom MI

I think this is one of the greatest shows on television. I just wish it was on nightly. Thanks for opening the windows in all the corners of the great lakes area. I've created many plans to visit areas I didn't think I would have a reason to go to until I saw some of your shows. Keep it up!

Kenneth Abbott - Clarkston MI

I have a retirement home in Oscoda, on the former Wertsmith AFB. We've been going there weekends and vacations for 7 yrs. I thought I knew all about the area but I learned something NEW. Thistle is EDIBLE!! My wife and I love to look for wild food. She grew up in Thailand and it was a matter of survival for her and her family but it was never drudgery. Those were some of the happiest times of her life. How excited she was when we first went out to look for Morel mushrooms the first year she came here. I'm sure someone could make an hour long show on the wild food in Michigan. Have you ever eaten fiddle-head ferns? Get them in the spring before the leaf unfolds, when the sprouts are about 5"" or 6"" tall and the tops are like tight little fiddle heads. Take them home (or the camp site) and steam them as you would asparagus. I watch your show quite frequently but haven't given you the feedback you desirve until today. I'll try to do that more often. Best regards, Ken Abbott

Donald Beaudua - East China MI

I have been to the area many times and I believe you and your crew did an outstanding job of highlighting it.

John Forish - Victoria BC

We are always interested in watching shows about canoing. We love planning canoe trips and are always looking for new places to paddle. What a beautiful river! We loved the show! John & Brenda Forish

Betty Harrington - McBain MI

I loved the show.I'm an artist and would love to go there and get some inspiration for my paintings.Thank you!!

Mike Bell - Cadillac MI

Over all I thought the show was very good. The host gave some very good advice about the river and his hike. The only thing that I would have changed was the fact that he and his guide were sitting on their life preserver cushions. This places the weight of the paddlers too high in the canoe making it less stable. As a former scoutmaster, we always taught our scouts to either sit on the seat or kneel on the cushion, lowering their center of gravity, and making the canoe much more stable. I understand that where you filimed the show on the Au Sauble the water was flat and slow, but in my mind and the minds of many other true canoers, this could be dangerous. Otherwise,it was a very good show. Thanks, Mike Bell

Barney Twigg - Ypsilanti MI

I appreciate many of the places your show features and have planned trips to visit because of your features! Thank You!

James Penn - Essexville MI

I really enjoyed the Rifle River show. I did not realize that this recreation area offered so much to do and yet it's pretty close to home. Thanks for the wonderful job you do on the show. I try to catch your show every week. Thanks again. James Penn

Jim Hogarth - Ann Arbor MI

What a gem we have in our midst!!! I never knew about this rec area. We are both RVer's and kayakers and look forward to visiting soon. Thanks for the many excellent programs about our area. I watch every week on my local PBS station. Great job to all involved.

Melvin Checker - Vernon MI

I was very impressed with all the beautiful places to see. I and my wife plan on making a trip to vist this wonderful place.

Steven Moore - Garden City MI

What a great show and very informative. What a beautiful recreation area. I usually drive right through West Branch on my way north. Rifle River seems to have that U.P. feel to it. The lakes are beautiful, and it's great that they do not allow motors. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Steven Moore

Jeffrey Dowd - Troy MI

Very informative....being that we just purchased a pop-up camper, the Rifle river Rec area will definately be on one of our stops this summer (if it's not all booked up). Thanks, Jeff Dowd

Marcell Marcolina - Livonia, MI

Great show! Very informative, and the views of the park were spectacular. I've only been to this park once, but seeing this video really inspired me to return this summer!

Franklin Bumphus Jr. - Detroit MI

We thought the show was very informative on the the parks rules and regulations.You did a great job highlighting some of the points of interest and I think it will be one of the areas we will visit this year.Keep up the good work.

Michael Madeleine - Roseville MI

Your programs have really openthe doors to those placesin Michigan we knew little of. The Rifle River show was one such program! Thank you for great quality programing.

Melody Sellers - Redford MI

I thought it was a really informative show. I've been looking for someplace to take my husband and his brother camping. This looks like it will fit the bill for us. It seems like a beautiful, relaxing, classic Michigan vacation.

William Moskwa - Croswell MI

Last year I canoed the rifle river for the first time. That's what interested me about this show. I didn't realize I missed so much. Thanks, Bill

B. Wade - Hastings MI

I came upon it quite by chance & thoroughly enjoyed it. My daughter & grandaughter from out-of state visit every summer. Something along this line could well be our ""big excursion"". Last summer it was Beaver Island. B.Wade

Jenn Ball - Port Huron MI

LOVED it...would love to show the DVD to friends who love to camp, who do not live in Michigan, so that they would like to come and camp with us up there. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Marsha Whisman - Rose City, MI

Wow! It seems like yesterday! First of all I love your show-I learn so many things about our beautiful state-so many places to go and so much to do! As my son took you through the RRRA, talking about so many of our favorite spots, I became sentimental remembering so many years before, that I took him and his five sisters to the devoe campground for our yearly vacation! In the evening they were lined up like little sardines and I was lengthwise across in front of the tent door-as if to save them had some huge bear chose to invade our cramped quarters! :) (Our royal blue and orange tent was 8x10 to be exact). It was on those very campsites where we created some of our fondest memories around the campfire, held some of our most heartfelt conversations and learned many of life's most thought-provoking lessons! My mother and dad were campground hosts in Grousehaven and we'd decorate the pine tree on their lot for Christmas in July! My husband would go to work each day, bringing groceries to our campsite each night and returning home with our dirty laundry. It never mattered that we were only 7 miles from home-we were not allowed to go home for anything-unless of course an emergency arose. We may as well have been 700 miles away. If it stormed, we'd snuggle in the tent and read books and play games with flashlights. With six children we couldn't afford to go much further. Watching Kevin on the show just refreshed the memories of that little guy asking mommy a million questions and tucking him into his sleeping bag at night, listening to his prayers and kissing his forehead as he fell into an exhausted sleep (along with his sisters)! We’ve not missed a year camping in over 30 years, only now the traditions have taken a turn! The kids come home for our annual trip (some from as close as West Branch and Rose City, while others come from as far away as Milford and Midland)! They come with their own tents/trailers, families and dogs in tow! We reserve our own loop now instead of one campsite and instead of mom cooking three meals a day over the campfire, which I loved, each family cooks one or two meals and we move about from campsite to campsite! What an amazing place to be sharing traditions and making memories with my children and now my grandchildren. Every morning when I awaken and each night when I retire, I thank God for this beautiful haven in Lupton, MI. And this most wonderful family of mine to share it with! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share this through your show! God's blessings, Marsha Whisma

Melissa Burke - Portage MI

This is the second week I have written about your show. Yet again, another fun show. I'm glad I happened across it the other week. I watch on channel WGVU 52 and their show schedule doesn't seem to match up with what you have on the web, it is always a week behind. I think you are doing a fantastic job on the shows, I already called the outfitter from the show I saw last week from Manistique on getting a cabin there. The only omission I could find on the show I watched today about Ausable was that I didn't catch any recomendation on lodging. I did write down the 800 # that you mentioned so hopefully I will get something from them regarding accommodations. Thanks for giving me a chance to give you a little feedback.

Diane Sickels - Bay City MI

We really enjoyed the show. We go up north on my weekends off any chance we get. Our kids love to go too. As soon as we can we want to check out the rifle river recreation area. It looks really cool. We love to hike as a family and it looks like there are some really great trails and camping areas there. It looks very scenic--can't wait to go...

Shauna Domke - Onaway MI

My husband and I are always searching for a new spot to go camping and enjoy the outdoors with our kids. Last summer we went as far as Craig Lake, in the U.P.. I was shocked to find out that this spot was so close to us and we'd never heard of it. It looks like the PERFECT place to spend this years vacation!

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