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January 2008

Vickie Robertson - Davison, MI

Where did you get the walking stick you were using when hiking in the UP? It looked like it folded up. Thank you Vickie

It does fold up! Tom's walking stick was purchased at Rocky's Great Outdoors in Burton, MI.

Terry Kemp - Owosso, MI

A quick note about the map around Manistique. The road listed as 94 in not interstate 94 as the emblem states. (Interstate I-94 runs from Detroit to Chicago) Maybe nobody else noticed.

Yep, good catch. There is a mistake in the graphics for the "Upper Peninsula Fall Travel Planner" show. We caught it after the show was finished and are unable to fix it. All references to Highway 94 on maps found on this website will have the correct highway sign shortly. Sorry for any confusion.
-Bryan McGuire
Great Getaways Show Graphics

John McSweeny - Ottawa Hills, OH

I watched the show today (1/5/08) on WGTE/Channel 30 in Toledo and am not entirely sure that it is the same show. However, I did enjoy it and found it to be informative. I have visited several of the locations in the show and the show reminded me that there is much to see in the UP.

Brent Schedeler - Ann Arbor, MI

I am always looking for more places in Michigan to view in the fall. Living in the lower penninsula I usually stay down here. I have been wanting to get up to the UP in the fall but just haven't had time yet. I have never been to tip-up town but I am an avid ice fisherman. I had no idea of all the other activities going on in and around that area. I will be sure to make it to tip-up town next year. Your show gives so many ideas and brings up many new things that I would have never known about. I now plan on being home every Saturday morning to catch your show. Thank You!

William Schram - Bay City, MI

I loved your show this week. Everything you could want to do in Winter weather is waiting for you in Grey County. I have asked for information so that maybe I could get a chance to enjoy a Winter getaway.

Rob Stewart - Sylvania, OH

I really enjoyed this weeks show and really try and set aside the time to catch your show every week. I am a very busy person with three kids involved in a multitude of sports. I love to travel but struggle with finding the time and extra money to get away. Your show has opened my eyes to lots of great places that are within a couple hours drive and I can get away, see some great places and not have to spend a lot of money. Not sure if you are exclusive to Michigan but Ohio has some great places such as Hocking hills in Logan county. Which is actually closer than the UP at least from Toledo.. Thanks for a wonderful show and I will continue to watch in 2008.

Donna Robert - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Just at the time I think you cannot out do a program you come up with a better one.  Your program is out of this world......Thanks so much........dr

Michelle Miller - Waterford, MI

I really enjoyed this week's show! My parents have a house on Indian Lake and we go up there snowmobiling in the winter and just to relax in the summer. I also enjoy the colors in the fall. As long as I've been going up there, I never heard about the Environmental Lab trail! It looked like fun and I would like to get a group of friends together to enjoy a winter getaway! Michelle Miller

Bill Hatcher - Allen Park, MI

I thought this weeks show was great. We drove down 94 from Munising to Manistique on our way home in Sept. and thought it was a beautiful stretch of road.

Albert Janes - Glovertown, Newfoundland

Show was great keep up the good work!! As iam a lover of the great outdoors I found the show to be quite interesting.

Diana Malachowski - Macomb, MI

Was totally impressed with the beauty of the Upper Peninsula in the winter. Have seen the underwater spring in the summer. Had no idea it was also beautiful in the winter. Also was impressed with the ""Holiday Motel"" in Manistique. Looks like a wonderful place to spend a few nights. Clean and neat. Will keep it in mind.

Pam Toncray - Manistique, MI

Today was the first time that I have seen your show. I thought it was extremely informative and flowed very nicely from one topic to the next.

Rick Mushing - Rockford, MI

The show was a great perspective of the year round entertainment in the U.P..

Joe Scheidler - Logansport, IN

I haven't seen the show because our local PBS station doesn't offer it-- what can I do about that?! We really enjoy the UP and northern Ontario and heard about this week's show from a Michigan friend. I think I would enjoy your weekly broadcasts very much. How about making them available on-line? Thanks very much.

We have created travel planners for many of the shows and they feature video clips of large portions of the episodes.

Mick Davis - Bronson, MI

As usual the show was enjoyable and informative. My wife and I have been to the Manistique area in other seasons, but not in winter. We like hiking in the other seasons and we now think that taking up snow shoeing may give us the same opportunity in the winter. Thanks, Mick Davis

Rosemarie Pfeiffer - Algonac, MI

I thought the show was great. My husband and myself are thinking about moving up to the Manistique area. I hope this coming year. There seems like their is so much to do. The holiday motel looks like a wonderful place to stay, nice and clean. Thank you for putting on this Winter show.

Michael Conte Warren MI

I am coming up in a few weeks and am looking forward to a snowy time. Your show always gives me great ideas to plan around.

Bruce Woodburn Rock Island IL

It was very entertaining. We've visited the Manistique area many times and were unaware of the Environmental Trail. Thanks. Bruce

Sarah Healey - Phoenix, AZ

I teach 1st grade in Phoenix and can't wait to show my students Ogemaw county and how wonderful and exciting the snow is! Thank You!

Amy Desotell - Oxford, MI

Excellent! Very informative. We are going to be planning a trip soon.

Jan Kays - Clearwater, FL

Great show!

Madeline Beseau - Westland, MI

We have a cabin near West Branch and enjoy snowmobiling. It was very interesting to hear about good trails in that area. We usually go to the U.P. or to Mio area so it was nice to see something about our area. Thank you. Very good show.

Darin Potter - Parma, MI

I work for the Michigan DNR at the Rifle River Rec. Area and have lived in Ogemaw County for the last four years. I've been watching your show for several years now. I feel that this week's program was a great representation of the winter recreational opportunities that exist here in Ogemaw County. Thank you for the nice footage of the winter landscape. I look forward to watching next week's show. Sincerely, Darin

Brian Mooney - Taylor, MI

We are looking forward to doing some ice fishing there, soon. We always watch your shows, and highlight all the beautiful places you visit, on our Michigan county map. We're looking forward to next weeks show."

Jim Knapp - Avoca, MI

hi.my wife and i watch your show saturday morning at 11:30 our time. we both enjoy it very much, we are both retired and enjoy shows like yours. keep up the fine work. will be looking for it again. (thank you)

Edward Sierras Essexville MI

As usual production quality was high. Learned a great deal about snowmobile travel, even though not a snowmobiler. Didn't realize how extensive both the cross country skiing and snowmobile trails are. Might even give snow shoeing a try.

Bill Kacanowski - Ray Twp, MI

Excellent show as always, just goes to show that winter in Michigan is not a time to stay cooped up inside.

Jiri Nagr - Pontiac, MI

I have been to the West Branch area during the summer but never realized it offered so much winter time activities. Thank-you for a informative show

Holly Newlin - Decatur, MI

Wonderful Show! It inspired me to check out the Rifle River area.

Dennis Dyl - Saint Clair Shores, MI

Great, I have a cottage in Ogemaw County and enjoyed the show, I also ski the Ogemaw Pathway. This show enticed me to check a few more areas out in my area.

February 2008

Jay Hanks - Perry, MI

Tom: I really enjoyed the show, especially with all the snow outside right now. It looked like lots of fun in the kayaks you were using. I especially appreciated you pointing out some of the other activities like the Hoist Lake hiking trails in the area.

Brian Williams - Jackson, MI

I have canoed the AuSable river many times and have not seen or experienced what I saw on todays show. You have motivated me to again return to the AuSable. I found the show very entertaining and informative. Thank you.

Janet Frobel - Reading, MI

The AuSable River show was very adventurous and had beautiful scenery. We don't do much canoeing but after watching this show I am in the mood this summer to visit the AuSable area and enjoy ourselves. Very good show!

Kirk Weaver - Canton, MI

Great Show enjoyed it including the suggestions about mosquito protection preparedness

Erin Purdy - Windsor, ON

I thought this weeks show was great! It provided lots of info and hints as well as great video. Almost every question one could think of asking about what the area has to offer was answered. Thanks, Erin

Gale & Brenda Happy - Maybee, MI

We already love to canoe & often take visiting family members so we enjoyed the Ausauble piece. We are considering taking up hiking -- so we also liked the hiking section that offered some good tips. Keep up the good camera shots & helpful tips.

Sheila Sheneman - Lakeview, MI

Wonderful show. My husband has lived in Michigan all his life - but we're still finding great places to go exploring, and your show really helped to show off the beauty of the near by areas. Being shown the area, and learning a little of the terrain, ahead of time, is fantastic.

Joseph Dorwin - Cedar Springs, MI

I thought it was great. This is exactly something my wife and I would love to do this summer. Thanks for the great show!

Jennifer Trimper - Grand Rapids, MI

Thank You for the wonderful show. A very handsome host to go with the beautiful scenery. After viewing this episode, I decided to go Kayaking this summer on the Au Sable. I told a friend about it at lunch, and told her ""I'm going with or without you."" She said ""yes."" Also, thank you for the canoeing guide. I was going to get info. on your guides. Plus, I watch this show as much as I can after church, etc.. Keep up the great work!! Is this show seen nationally? Jennifer

Ginger Hughes - Wyoming, MI

This was a great show, as are all the others. I can't afford cable but my rabbit ears antenna gets PBS on my tv screen. Every week I get to enjoy the travels your show takes me on. I really liked the kayak part of the show, and the sampling of the cattail part. I love to cook (and eat) all different kinds of food. My sweetheart liked the hiking part, and commented on the use of the face bug net you used, and how that's what he needs because they're always after him--and not me! Since it's now into February here in Grand Rapids,(and quite quiet), we especially liked to hear the excellent audio with the bird sounds. I just caught something at the end of the show about getting a free copy of the show,(not sure if for this one or another...but if you want to send one to us, we'd really watch it and enjoy it and share it with our friends/family--especially my sister who lives in San Diego- and has never been to this beautiful state. (I'm an Alaska Native of the Ruby Tribe-[Fairbanks area] and Michigan has a lot of similarities to my homeland) Thanks again, Ginger (& Dale)"

Rafacz Family - Bloomingdale, MI

I liked the show very much,including the light humor that you use describing the adventures. We as a family have canoed, I believe is the S.branch of the AuSable out of Roscommon MI., canoing from Oscoda looks like to be a future adventure. Thanks.

Michael Brooks - Grand Rapids, MI

I just watched the show and absolutely loved it. I can see why this has been a favorite spot in Michigan for so many for so long. I will be planning my canoe trip this summer for a relaxing weekend vacation and quite time away. Thank you for making a wonderful show that really shows the beautiful locales that I personally don't know about but are now planning on visiting. Thank You, Michael Brooks

Jennifer Clark-Buszka - Mears, MI

This was the first show I have ever watched and I loved it! With the financial woes of our state, it was wonderful to see such beauty in Michigan. I also loved the science lesson in the value of cat tails. I will be watching more of your show and hope to one day enjoy these wonderful getaways. Thank you, Jennifer Clark-Buszka

Ted Myer - Scottville, MI

This show was GREAT!!! Can't wait for summer now- we have requested the planning guides and are planning on hiking, kayaking, and camping.

Patricia Amsterburg - Kalamazoo, MI

I love the show. I have just recently stumbled across it. I am from Michigan, but have not appreciated all of the wonderful places our great state has to offer. I am in the process of looking at planning a summer vacation kyaking the AuSable and visiting some of the other places you have features. Your show is very informative. Thanks:)

Jim Orr - Birmingham, MI

My wife and I love your show, but that's not why I'm writing. Years ago, i lived on Greenwald Dr. in Southfield MI. Our next door neighbor's name was Dominic Serra. He had a son named Dennis and a Daughter Dorothy. Every time I watch your show, I wonder if Denny is the same man. We were best friends for I while, but he was a little younger and we drifted apart. Please let me know. Jim Orr

Hi Jim,
Thanks for watching the show. Our Executive Producer Denny Serra is not the same Dennis Serra that you know, but ironically Denny does have a son named Dominic.

April Morrison - Whitmore Lake, MI

Hey, what gives!?! I watched one of your shows. It was a Michigan Upper Peninsula fall color tour. It was very enjoyable and showed Kitchiti-kippie (I know I spelled it wrong), a favorite place of mine. At the end of the show, it said to come here for a FREE DVD of the show. You say you want over $22 for a DVD of shows. WHAT GIVES?!?

Hi April,
There is a free DVD offer for the "Upper Peninsula Fall Travel Planner" show. You can fill out the DVD request form here

Stephen Ruth - Troy, MI

Great show. I really like the Ontario shows.

Melvin Checker - Vernon, MI

Enjoyed it very much, and plan on touring the lighthouses this coming summer.

Greg Giacobozzi - Macomb, MI

Great show, very informative. I have been planning a trip to this location for years, now I have the information to do it. Thank you.

Bart Brown - Parry Sound, ON

We just finished watching your Saturday Feb. 16, 2008 show. What a great program. My wife and I have spoke quite often about visiting that part of Ontario. Your show has convinced us that we should. Please send us your free lighthouse tour guide. We look forward to watching your next show. Thanks Bart

Michael Wigen - Rockford, MI

Your show fit like a glove. We are planning a camping trip around Huron this summer and the Bruce peninsule is going to be our showcase stop.

Robert Manning - Caledonia, MI

It was a great show. We didn't know about the Bruce Peninsula or all the lighthouses in that area.

Sue Trossen - Royal Oak, MI

I loved it...I am hoping to get my first motorcycle this spring. I have my endorsement on my license and have taken a motorcycle saftey class Thanks for a great show!!

Robert Seaton - Belleville, MI

My wife and I circled Lake Huron last summer on our motorcycle. We missed the Bruce Peninsula and are now planning a trip for this summer to the area. Fantastic job on the piece and we look forward to our trip. Thank you. Bob and Sandy Seaton

Michael Morgan Jr. - Brighton, MI

Awesome, a buddy of mine & I were just over there this past summer...But it looks like we missed a lot and didn't even scratch the surface of what the area has to offer! Looking forward to the guide and we are also talking about shipping our bikes to the pacific west coast and riding back to MI. Great Job on this program! Michael G. Morgan Jr.

David Parcheta - Dearborn, MI

Great Show! a biker myself, looks like you had a blast. I was unaware of the great riding in that area. Now that I'm aware, you can bet I'll be making plans to ride it in the near future, thanks again!

Ron Pollmann - Lake Orion, MI

Really loved it. Great information about a nice area. Plan on coming up when the riding season starts. Do more!

Dorie Cvengros - Muskegon, MI

It was great to watch and now want to visit all of those places and eat at Ted's Diner

Rose Summers - Saranac, MI

Awesome...can't wait to go...have watched several of your programs on the area--all great!

Tom Campbell - Charlotte, MI

Very informative. I liked and appreciated the side pieces you did on the different places to eat and stay along the route. Riding on the 4 miles of beach and utilizing the ferry sounds like a good time as well. The video seems a little fuzzy/grainy, like you're shooting on a consumer-grade video format. Audio seemed fine though, and I enjoy your writing and editing and the overall look and flow of the show. Thanks for a great vacation idea.

We're sorry to hear that the video look fuzzy/grainy. We do shoot on all professional grade cameras and video. Not sure what the cause was for what you saw - maybe the cable channel was not broadcasting clearly, or there was some sort of problem with the uplink that particular week or maybe just some local interference of some kind.

Victoria Burke - Reading, MI

I mostly ride by myself. This weeks ride to Grey Bruce really looks like a great trip. The highlights peaked my interest. Thanks a million. Victoria Burke Reading, Michigan


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