Follow us on our quest to produce “Ghost and Guardians” Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay. This one hour video production will be seen on PBS starting December 1st, 2005. We have designed this web site so that you can not only learn more about the maritime history of this incredible lake, but to also find all the information you need to take this trip yourself.

Man's relationship with Lake Huron has been one of admiration, fear and respect. The lake's timeless beauty has transcended a history of violent storms, disasters at sea, and loss of life. Ghosts and Guardians captures the essence of man's history of shipping on the Lake of two countries, and in doing so, reveals Lake Huron's sinister side.

We'll take you from Lake Huron's most desolate island lighthouse, to some of the most modern light stations found on the Great Lakes today. And during our tour, we'll be highlighting some of the more notable shipping catastrophes that have inscribed themselves on the history of Lake Huron. We will make you feel like a part of History as we rediscover the stories that man has forgotten on Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay.