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January 2007

Mike LeMerise - Utica MI

Thanks for the great show on the Bruce !As a child I swam,hiked the caves, scuba the lake-my friend had a cottage in Oliphant- he also had relatives in Wiarton. I also know the entire Sterling Family-they are from this area.What a great tour! I will be traveling back to Southhampton- and they do have a great sunset.I am currently just retired and love biking- on the old rails to trails- great work-love the show
Thanks Mike

Peter McVittie - Chelsea MI

Great- I was planning a trip there next fall

Marianne Cline - Hazel Park MI

It was especially wonderful for me, as I know that my Scottish ancestors came to settle in Bruce County Ontario. Before the show I had no idea where it was or how very beautiful, I hope that someday I can visit. Thank you,
Sincerely, Marianne Cline

Ken King - Roscommon MI

Very nice. We are already planning our trip for the springtime. Very nice program. We will be regular viewers. Thanks

Charlie Lundgren - Waterford MI

I watch the show just about every week and love it! People really don't know what all there is to do and see in the state. Keep up the good work!

Thomas and Joyce Halliwill - Roscommon MI

We are recently moved (New) to the area going on 2 years. We love it here and enjoy watching programs related to the area. It is very well covered and presented. Thank you. I think we will stay here awhile.

Christopher Giannola - Shelby Twp MI

It was my first time watching the show and I thought it was very well done and interesting. I was excited to see all the great things you can do in the winter in Michigan. I would love to take my family Up North for a nice weekend and take advantage of some of these activities you had on your show.

Dion Williams - Detroit MI

Wonderful looking location. Makes me want to try snowshoeing to really enjoy my state during the winter months.

From: Robert Lange Jr.
To: "Great Getaways"

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 5:48 PM
The show has been airing at 8am on Saturday morning for years on Detroit56 PBS. When I turned it on a different show was on. Was disappointed as I get up at 7:45 on Saturdays, start coffee and watch the show. Will look forward to watching future shows as I plan trips to some of the destinations and discuss with others that also watch the show.
Robert Land Jr. - Westland, MI

Pamella Binder - Bay City, MI

It was great ! I feel badly that I didn't know about your show before today. But I will "make up for lost time", as our host stated about canoeing the Au Sable, and tune often! Wonderful job of showing off one of Michigan's lovely jewels. Thanks.

From: Jim Stewart
To: "Great Getaways"
Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2007 1:07 PM

Hello Tom
I contacted you a few days ago about not being able to watch your show lately. I watch PBS 27 out of the Traverse city/Cadillac area and your show has not been hardly on at all. Please enlighten me.
Thank you
Jim Stewart

Hi Jim,
I have talked to program director Linda Dielman and was told the station wanted to show more of their local programming and in the process accidentally took us off the air. According to Linda we will be back on the air in March except when we are pe-empted for their pledge drive. I will e-mail you as soon as I get the program schedule with our run dates. I appreciate your concern.
Dennis Serra
Executive Producer
Great Getaways
Great Sand Bay Productions
cell 810-252-0417


Karen Kolke - Walled Lake MI

What a delightful show. I hope to get around the state on weekends and find out some of the attractions. Thanks for your program

Mary Kay Le Bourdais - Livonia MI

This was the first time that we had watched your program and were very impressed. We had no idea that Oscoda offered such beautiful, scenic hiking trails. Surely, we will be visiting this area in the summer. We look forward to watching your progam again. Thank you.

Rick Boyers - Tecumseh MI
How come channel 56 in Detroit QUIT having your show on Satuarday at 8:00 am? I sure do miss watching it.Could you please let me know if it is on another channel or time. I can't find it in our TV listing
Rick Boyers
Tecumseh, MI

Hi Rick,
A lot of stations have changed our times for this year to help introduce a new audience to what we do. TV 56 has moved us to 12:30 on Saturdays. You can find a complete list of all our stations and times at

Robert Gross - Westfield, IN

I just love your shows. I watch them on WIPB, Muncie IN. I wish you were on WFYI, Indianapolis IN. I am originally from Waukesha WI but have lived in Indiana for the last 35 years. I love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!! Your programs are wonderful to watch. I get "home sick".
Robert Gross - Westfield, IN

John Flynn - Portage MI

Great show. I have always wanted to visit this area and after seeing your show, I am even more excited about planning a trip. Enjoy your show every week ! Keep up the good work !! Thank You !

February 2007

Susan Casey - Port Huron MI

My husband and I loved this show. The waterfall tour will be perfect for us and a couple of our friends. The four of us enjoy exactly this type of thing -- seeing beautiful sights and doing a bit of hiking. I can't wait to get the waterfall tour guide so I can begin planning our tour for this summer.

Ronald Font - Corunna ON

This was the 1st time that I ever watched your program. In my mind you have the best program on television! Really really appreciated the information. Thanks ever so much. Sincerel, Ron & Loree Font

Julie Belica - Washington Twp. MI

Thanks for the great vacation idea -- can't wait to check out the waterfalls of Grey County.

Robin Dixon - South Lyon MI

It was fabulous. We want to take the same trail trip through schoolcraft county.

David L Taylor - Cranberry Township PA

Enjoyed watching the clips on-line. Can't get the program here.

Karen Trigaux - Tecumseh MI

This was a very imformative show. I have put this in our favorites for reference for our family vacations & trips. We just moved back to Michigan after nearly 30 yrs. & we have a lot of sightseeing to do ! We want our son to love Michigan as much as we do. Thanks for a great show. Karen & Vic Trigaux

Nancy Stevenson - Dryden MI

Your show today was awesome and was a really refreshing break from the white snow of winter. Summary? Your show made me want to pack up and go take a first hand try on the river. Thanks Nancy Stevenson

Thomas Emerick - Wayne MI

Great show as always. I've canoed the AuSable in the past enjoyed it, and the show brought back great memories and the desire to do it again. Thanks, Tom

JR Lomerson - Attica MI

I always enjoy your show, basically, because it is all about the great state of Michigan. I have to say, even though I have get to visit the western states of the union, but I really think we have a state with some of the most lovely attractions. I watch other shows, but I really enjoy your focus on michigan and nearby coastal shores of Ontario. Todays show is one of my favorite locations. Last year, you did a show on Oscoda and surrounding area. WIthin two weeks, my wife and I ventured to the same area and visited many of the same sites you visited on your show. It really gives us good ideas for a short day or two visit. Keep up the good work and please continue with places to visit in our great state of Michigan. Sincerely, JR Lomerson

Richard Kras - Troy MI

Very much enjoy the Oscoda area. We have vacationed there a number of times and you pointed out some things that we had never seen before. Intend to look for the Hoist Lake hiking trail next time we go. Thanks for the quality TV, Keep up the good work.

Kellie Nichol - Lapeer MI

My father had a cabin in the Mio area and my sister and brother and I used to canoe down the AuSable River every summer. Dad has since sold the cabiin and it's been a couple years since we all went up to the area. Your show brought back wonderful memories for me and I had a feeling of joy wash over me when I watched your show. I'd like to see more. Thank you so very much.

Paul Lewis - Westland MI

It was a great show and something I definitly want to try to do this coming summer. Thanks

Brian Baczkowski - Warren MI

Hello, This weeks show was awesome! Great camera work. I didn't realize that the show moved from its 8am slot. I'm glad its not off the air! Since I missed for first 10 minutes, I'm looking forward to the DVD! FYI, my family and I travel to our Oscoda a few times a year to do some canoeing down the Ausable, fishing on the river and Lake Huron, siteseeing in town and Tawas City, etc. A few years ago, my grandfather/I caught a 14.5 pund brown trout, which I had mounted by Captain John Hook. We're familiar with the more popular attractions like: Bunyan Town, Wellmans, Lumberman's Monument, etc. Our favorite restaurant is Taits Bill of Fare. You should try eating there. All of their meals, especially the black bean soup (Millenium) and ribs are dynamite!

Timothy Donohoe - Grand Rapids MI

I found it both entertaining and informative. I recently bought a small kayak and wondered if it was big enough to take on the Au Sable. You answered that question for me (it is)! I was unaware of the backpacking opportunities in Oscoda. I will definitely have to plan a trip to the Au Sable.

Dee Hansen - Stanwood MI

Wonderful program! All this beauty -- sooo accessible -- and right in our back yard! What a public service to bring this information to the people of Michigan and surrounding areas. Our sincere thanks! dee hansen

Bradley Simmons - Farmington Hills MI

The show was very well done; I enjoyed the production values and all the interesting material you covered. And the scenes from the swimmin' hole were great fun-especially in late February. It really made me want to plan a trip up there this summer. Thanks!

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