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July 2007

Greg Scheitler - Vernon, MI

Enjoyed this program on Michigan's wine country. Looks like a good weekend getaway! Thanks!

Joan Kolar - Minden City, MI

We always enjoy your shows format. We sometimes forget just how much there is to see in our own home state of Michigan.

Michael Milford - Flushing, MI

I really enjoyed this week's show. The show is always entertaining and iformative. I always base my vacations around the information I learn from your show.

Betty St.John - Roscommon, MI

My husband and I watched it with great interest and pride in our area. We have lived in the Higgins lake area for 16 years and enjoy both Higgins and Houghton Lake all the time. Your show reminded me of the wonders of the area and even showed a few things I hadn't seen before. What a surprise! Thank you so much for this terrific program. Betty St.John

Thomas Sliwa - Howell, MI

Very good show.The comment about how the lake has so much to offer isthe truth. We been on houghton for many many years and would love to have dvd. Thanks

Norman Osborn - Mason, MI

to much info in the short time the program is on..... you need to make the program longer.... norm

Patrick Rice - Eastpointe, MI

great show.Been in this area all my life and have family living at houghton lake but didn't know about some of the attractions you showed on this show.I'll be going up to see some of this soon. thanks.

Janice Waters - Ferndale, MI

I have seen ads in the AAA magazine about Houghton Lake, but when I actually saw all the nice places to go and things to do, I was impressed. It was a great show, and I look forward to seeing more of it. I will be looking up the schedule for the tv show. I also like the web site, it is informative, and put together well. Thank you! I am looking foward to visiting your great getaway.

Carol Baczkowski - Warren MI

Hello, I have never been to the Houghton Lake/Higgins Lake regions. After seeing the different attractions there (canoeing, hiking, fishing, etc.), I will be sure to make it a future summer destination. Regards, Carol

Eddie Jones - Wayne, MI

Hello, I thought the show was wonderfull we are thinking of planing a trip up to houghton lake and higgins lake we have never been there before and are looking forward to planning a trip up there . Keep up the great tv work it is awsome Thank you and have a great day.....ed and laurie jones

Holly Covell - Holly, MI

I LOVED the show. While it was on I picked up the phone to call my sister in Arizona to "rub-it-in" that the cool, clear waters of Higgins Lake are a short drive away from here and got my brother-in-law instead. His family ALWAYS summered in that area. So I told him about the show instead.

Matthew Lowe - Allendale MI

It was great. We are new to Michigan, only here for 3 years now. And we never knew of the great areas to visit during the summer. Thanks!

Gail Pacurai - Ypsilanti Twp. MI

My husband and I loved the show. The scenery was beautiful, and the area there looks so nice. It was very informative. Definitely a vacation inspiration!

Suzette DeKarske - Rives Jct MI

I enjoyed having my own personal TOUR GUIDE visiting my home via the TV. I love Getaways that are close to home. Thank You, Suzette

Tracy Cesar - Alma MI

I really liked your show today, I have only seen this show a couple of times and I've enjoyed it every time I've seen it. We canoe quite often, and I have never been down the Ausable it looked very inviting.....we will have to put it on our to do list for a future paddle.

Barbara Cowell - Essexville MI

Great vacation idea for families who enjoy the outdoors. I have been looking for something that would appeal to my husband and my 19yr. old son and my 25 yr. old son-in-law's adventurous sides(the kayaking and hiking) and enough sun and water to make the girls (16yr and 24yrs.) happy, while not traveling too far. This is just perfect for a long weekend! And the scenery looks absolutely beautiful which will make me one happy photographer! Thanks for a great family idea.

Mark Buck - Flint MI

The show was awesome. Michigan is such a great state. I have never canoed the Ausable near Oscoda, but I love the area and the state forest campgrounds.

Dan Kapa - Parma MI

I loved the show and it will definitly be on my visiting schedule on my next michigan vacation. sincerely, dan p.s. i think with the right lure you would have caught something on that small lake.

Kathy Bivins - Saginaw MI

This was an excellent program. I know that the AuSable River is awesome and your program confirmed it. Very good coverage. I know that many will be interested in visiting the area after seeing this show.

Teresa Duby - Irons MI

What a great episode! I am an experieced canoer who want very much to learn to kayak. My father, whom resides in Arkansas, visits Michigan on a regular basis, is a very experienced kayaker. I called him during the show to let him know about the great AuSable river trips and hikes. He is ready to go! On his next visit we plan to go on the river pond trip and try the hiking trails. Thanks for all the great shows and trip ideas. Sincerly, Teresa Duby

Joe Spreeman - Metamora MI

As always you have shown me another of Michigans great resources. I had forgotten how nice the Oscoda area is. I have been a fan of your show for years. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the getaway shows. Joe Spreeman

Clark Slater - Linwood MI

This weeks show illustrates the quieter times in Michigan; spending time with nature and friends. Been meaning to make the hike back to Hoist Lake, I think this was the incentive we needed to get out there. There is a lot to do in Michigan. Thanks for the free guide service.

Kevin Pritula - Lowell MI

Like all your other shows, this one was great. I enjoy hiking and kayaking, so this show was awesome. Made me want to start planning my next vacation. Keep up the great work.

Morris Veeneman - Wyoming MI

My wife and I greatfully happened on your show this morning. We both love and respect the undeveloped nature our elders have chosen to protect. Thankyou for the simply fantastic show about the AuSable River. It was a joy to watch. We love camping & the water. We also haven't had a decent vacation in a while. It looks like the AuSable / Otsego Area will be our next endevour! Thanks again. Morris & Debra Veeneman

Karla Taber - Greenville MI

Hi-Was just surfing the channels, came across the show. My husband raced many years in the AuSable Canoe Race. We have been on the river many times canoeing. Really enjoyed the show. I ran out to my husbands workroom in the garage and told him to turn it on the t.v. out there. He also enjoyed it. Thanks for such a great show!!

Keith Knapp - Spring Lake MI

Loved it. I take my son canoeing every summer, and I think I'll go to Oscoda this summer.

Gary T. Granaas - Mount Clemens MI

It has been many years since i`ve watched a show on Michigan that i enjoyed as much.I can`t wait to see the next one now.Thanks for restoring my love of Michigan.

James Lloyd - Clare MI

Great show with lots of good information. Makes me want to take the canoe up there and check it out. Thank You.. James

August 2007

Vincent Sadovsky - Rochester MI

Great as always. I am a huge fan of the show for many years. I only wish you were on earlier in the day as before.

Russ Williams - Grandville MI

you guys really do the UP right.

Stephen Hause - Saginaw MI

I have been traveling to the Upper Peninsula for years, but have aways just passed through Schoolcraft County without stopping. Now I am planning a fall trip there, thanks to your show.

Teresa Duby - Irons MI

Today's show was so great! My mother and two sisters had just left this morning before your show aired. They are returning to Ark. and OK from a week's visit here in Manitee Co. We traveled up the west coast of Michigan to Sleeping Bear Dunes Nat'l. Park and around Traverse City. We spent four days on our day trips of around ten to twelve hours. My parents will return this fall for the color tours. Today's show was an excellant adventure for us to plan for their trip. My husband and I are anxious to try a two person kayak as I am legally blind. My sister and her husband may follow my parents up from Bella Vista AK. She and her husband live in Tuttle,OK. Thank you so much for your wonderful programming. "

Laurie Trappen - Traverse City MI

Thanks for the memories of a special family trip about 50 years ago. That trip gave me enough "sustanance for the soul" to make the worst times of my life better....and watching the show made me determine to go back there, this year, before I just can't manage it alone anymore. It always amazes me when the people who live in an area don't know it nor utilize what is available around them....but I guess when one lives in the U.P. of Michigan there is just too much of a good thing to begin to know it all....and the guys who used to roam far and wide afoot are going fast....unintended pun, but a good one, eh? thanks from an unintentional "homie", I'm unable to roam so freely now except in my mind, and you helped freshen the images for me...I will go, soon, back to Indian lake and that great environmental center (virtually abandoned, what's up with that?) Thanks !!! Happy travels !!! Can I come too? Laurie

Ron Vance - Grand Rapids MI

I thought the show was great.I love going to the UP,its like a whole different world up there.I would like to see you do a show on some of the waterfalls around Munising,like Mosquito Falls and Chapel Falls.

Fred D. Russell - Sanford MI

I really enjoyed the fall tour. I've been going to the UP for many years. I like seeing things that I don't know about and also the places I have been to. I do enjoy your show. Keep up the great work!

Todd Cleveland - Fruitport MI

I thought the show was great!!! It just reminded me of how many great things there are to do in this wonderful state that we live in. I hope to head up there this fall with my wife and kids!!!

Richard Fox - Fowler MI

Brings back a lot memories of fall color tours the wife and I took to the U.P. Enjoy the shows you and your staff have put together.

Deanne Talantis - Traverse City MI

We just love camping & traveling through the U.P.,whether finding new adventures or the roads less traveled. Your show is so well done and informative! Thank you for the suggested new routes and road side attractions. We shall continue to watch and enjoy your explorations! Walk in beauty, Deanne and Nick Talantis

Bob Goodrick - Muskegon MI

Excellent. Didn't expect anything else from you. Keep up the good work.

Dan Oster - Zeeland MI

Great job. Lots of interesting sites. Well put together. We "discovered" the Upper Peninsula last summer, after living in the lower peninsula for 49 years. Very much enjoy the scenery, history, people, and pace. Nice to see information about this great land. Thanks for the show and its content.

Sean Hill - Battle Creek MI

Great show. I don't watch that much TV, but I found myself channel surfing this Sunday and stumbled across your show. As you can see I live in Michigan, and have all my life. I never knew that some of those places were there. I have 2 young kids and some day I plan on taking them on camping trips. The places you displayed look fun. Your show should be broadcast to other states to help promote tourism in Michigan.

Ron Bowman - Bluffton IN

I really enjoyed this show. The color in the UP is just fabulous. I bet the air smelled so crisp and clean with the fall air. I am also glad I found your web site. Now I can find the program schedule and will be able to record each episode so I will not miss them. Sometimes I will forget that the show is playing on Sunday afternoons. Again this episode clearly showed how beatiful the UP is in the fall of the year. Now thinking of visiting the area this October. With Regards. Ron

David Babcock - Cocoa FL

The show was the most enjoyable and relaxing one that I have seen. It was peaceful and a good tool of learning of the great outdoors. Keep the good work up. David

Rebecca Starkey - Scotts MI

I am a first time viewer of your show and I really enjoyed it. Whenever I visit the U.P. I go directly to the Manistique area and begin my vacation from that beautiful spot, so much to see and do.

T. Patrick Billig - White Cloud MI

Loved it. Quality show. Great Photography. Keep up the good work.

Susana Green - Honor MI

Interesting. I didn't realize the Falls & Pictured Rocks were so close!

Maurice Schmitz - Fowler MI

Totally enjoyed it as we do every week. Many of the places you travel to we have been or plan on going. Thank you for such a great show.

Dale Wolfe - Bucyrus OH

I just watched the U. P. show. It was the one aired today 8/18/2007 on WGTE-TV. It was a fun show even though you ran into many obsticals. We have vacationed in the U.P. many times and my son married a Yupper. I'm not sure of the spelling but you know what I mean. Good program and I look forward to seeing it in the future. Thanks, Dale

Garrett Jones - Toledo OH

I thought it was great to see all the ""adventures"" to go on. I spent the first half of my life growing up in Michigan. Seeing things like this makes me miss it quite a bit. I'm planning a wilderness trip next year sometime to travel around Michigan and this show is a great help for deciding on where and what to do. Thanks a lot!!! Garrett Jones

Jerry Walker - Hope, British Columbia

I think the Houghton Lake area is a beautiful part of Michigan. I was raised in Michigan just 20 miles away from Flint. Thanks.

Melissa Barnhart - Comstockpark MI

your shows are very great every week and i'm glad there is a show like yours on tv keep up the wonderful work

Bill DeSavage - Kalamazoo MI

My wife and I watch your show each week on WGVU, and use the Information you present to plan our ""Getaways"" Thank You"

Alexis Thompson - Hudsonville MI

It was great just what we need to get out of town and enjoy the natural beauty and away from everyday life! We look forward to visiting in September!!

Mick & Steph Davis - Bronson MI

We enjoy watching your show on a regular basis. The Houghton Lake Show was helpful to us because we have been considering visiting the area for some time now. After watching the show we definitely want to go there. The same is also true of the show you did on the Oscoda area. If you happen to have a free DVD of that show as well, would would love to have it. Thanks, Mick & Steph Davis

Jerry Sadowski - Lincoln Park MI

Hello, When will your show on Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge air. I am the person you put on camera before you started your hike on May 19th of this year. Thanks, Jerry Sadowski

Hi Jerry,
It will be sometime next spring. Keep an eye on our show schedule for updated information.

Dennis Serra
Executive Producer Great Getaways

William Cook - Lansing MI

I have a second home in Prudenville and I didn't know about a third of what you showed us. Thanks!

Barbara Harrison - Dearborn MI

The show was excellent (#534). I am hoping to visit Bruce County for the color change this fall. Keep up the good work. B

Rachel Gauthier - Traverse City MI

My name is Rachel Gauthier, I am a fourteen year who loves the outdoors and loves to stream fish. I am emailing you on behalf of the last show on Manistique (Indian Lake)area we are going on our anual camping trip to Indian Lake this Friday 8-31-07. My dad and I were watching your show and noticed that someone on the show was fishing at onetime on a crick that who's name I don't know if it was mentioned but could have slipped my mind. The gentlemen caught a huge brooktrout worth mounting out of this crick and it amazed both my dad and I how big it was. Peronally I have caught a few myself but not this big. I was wondering if you could give me the name and/or the location of this crick so my dad and i can experience this incredible fishing area. We do have a GPS and if you have the coordinates of the crick that would be fine aswell, to find the area please try to get back to me asap if possible and I thank you for your time, hopefully you will be able to help us out and make this years camping trip that much better. sincerely' Rachel Gauthier ps: My family and I have taken your advice from the show and will be going to three of the attractions that you had shown on the Manistique show that we haven't been to yet! Thank you very much!

Margie & Daryl Stemmler - Lansing MI

Fabulous! We usually spend a long Labor Day weekend in Tobermory with our friends who dive there; my husband and I go hiking. We haven't been able to go the last couple of years because of work and seeing your program made me thrilled and sad! Great job. Keep up the good work. I was sorry you didn't show a bit more of Tobe - it is a wonderful little place. We usually stay at the Blue Bay - right across from the end of the trail marker. The restaurants in town and all along the driving route to Tobe are amazing - like stepping back in time - and so close to home!

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