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September 2007

Fred D. Russell - Sanford MI

Great show Beautiful area Thanks for your show it gives me ideas of where to go I sure enjoy the scenery Keep up the great work

Pat Smith - Gaylord MI

I just happened on the show. As it turns out you featured an area that is dear to my heart. Especially the sandy bank leading to the river. Also near the end of the show you show my cousin Denny Lorenz and his wife Martie. What a surprise to me. I was raised in Tawas City and am fond of the area. It said on the show that we can get a free DVD of the show, but when I looked ,it said you no longer offer that. I'm hoping to purchase one soon. Thanks for bringing back so many memories of the Lumbermans monument. Pat Smith

Deb Hunter - Grayling MI

Great show. Can't wait to explore the hiking and skiing trails.

Randy Johnson - Lansing MI

The whole show was great. I like hiking and conoing and Michigan’s great beaches

Bev Bauer Farmington MI

I loved seeing the Iargo Trails piece. Have to visit it before the snow flies. Thank you!

Chris Crary - Imlay City MI

Very interesting for me and my wife because of the great fall scenery tour on a motorcycle. Too bad Tom didn't have his bike license at the time. Hope there are more motorcycle tours on the show.

Eric Racette - Macomb MI

I just drove my motorcycle around Michigan. Did one lap on my 1100 Honda Shadow. Started off on the Lake Huron side and ran the outside perimeter of Michigan to Boyne City. What a great scenic trip. Watching your show, I wanted to do it again. This could be a great trip next summer. Please send info. Thanks Eric

Bob Hemingway - Davison MI

I really liked the show. Trips not too long but a few days of fun. Not pounding the highway until your drop dead tired.

Joann Barry Sault - Ste Marie MI

We ride motorcycles, but also have a van/camper and like to find scenic backroads for trips. Thanks the great information!

Madeline Debergh - Wallaceburg ON

It was the first time I saw the show. Although we are not bikers, I enjoyed the areas shown,and the diners,restaurants, and accomodations shown. It would be a good guide to any travel plans.

Stephanie Walkup - Imlay City MI

Loved the show! My husband and I have been talking about a bike trip and I think we've found it!!

Duke Pierce - Detroit MI

Thank you Tom, for bringing back so many memories from my youth. My late father took me on hikes through the forest near Oscoda. We floated down the Au Sable many times, and discovered beaver dams and bear markings and birds of prey. A great adventure for a 10 year old. Your program has reminded me that I have a 10 year old daughter who has not seen that beauty yet, perhaps we will go next weekend. Thank you, Duke Pierce

Denise Haines - Toledo OH

Great Show! I've been to the Monuments shown on your show, when I've visited Tawas. But I never knew there were walking trails between them or camping available there. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Denise Haines

Cathy Zuziak - Harrison Township MI

The show was very intresting and informative, we are camping in Oscoda at the local KOA in early Oct. with friends and will include hiking as one of our main activities. Any other information would be helpful in making this a wonderful fall experience. Thank You Cathy & Chet Zuziak

Kevin Charron - Mount Pleasant MI

Very good show, also helpful. Every year my significant other and I pick an area of the state and take a color tour. Two years ago we made our way over to Harrisville, then up to Oscoda and across to Gaylord. This year, we are going back to Oscoda, but this time, we want to hike the trails we watched on your show. We love the outdoors and both love to take pictures, I've had a camera in my hands for over 40 years! We can't wait for October!!! Thank you for a great show!!! Kevin and Karrie

Eugene Milotz - Allen Park MI

Enjoyed it very much. Looks like a great place to hike and visit.

Greg Eilers - Stockbridge MI

The show was great! keep up the good work. If possible please send hiking information for hiking in the oscoda area. Thanks Greg

John Cosgrove - Port Huron, MI

I love these stories about the best keep secret in USA , uper country" i hope you stop in l'anse Mich., specifically the catholic church there. One of the stain glass station of the cross is dedicated to my great grandfather, John Cosgrove , who was sheriff of Baraga County around 1904. They were Irishmen who came from a lumbering background in Canada to take up that businss in Baraga County. My uncle, Norman Cosgrove, found a 350lb rock of solid copper on the family farm in Baraga County.

Rhonda Ingalsbe - Cheboygan, MI

Awesome show this week! With 6 kids, we're always looking for fun, new things to do close to home. We'll head back to Manistique before the color is gone this year.

Brian Johnston - Columbiaville, MI

Love your show Tom, wish it was on more. Brian Johnston

Joyce Steinmiller - Plymouth, MI

I thought it was awesome - so many neat places in the UP and the Environmental Lab area was somewhere we will be visiting on our next trip up there.

Melanie Kelly - Waterford, MI

You really explored some beautiful paths, and made me and my family want to go up North again. Thanks for the strikingly beautiful views.

Christopher Herter - Northville, MI

Great Show!! I watched it end-to-end. My father used to take me to Big Springs when I was a child. I have always wanted to go back there with my son. My father passed several years ago, and, because I was so young when he took me there, I couldn't remember where it was (or what it was called). Thank you for a great show!

Mike Vogt Grosse - Pointe Woods, MI

I have been camping at Colwell Lake since I was a kid. Now I take my family there every summer. It was a nice surprise to see our favorite area on TV. The Upper Peninsula has many great places to discover. We love going up there!

Kathy Redd - Shelby Township, MI

The show on Manistique was great! Very informative. Plan to hike the Cowell Lake trail and visit the environmental lab.

Joan LaLonde - Howell, MI

It was great. Reminded me when I was little my family went to big springs. Made me call my dad and talked about that trip. Thanks for the great memory. Keep doing what you are doing MICH is a great state to live in!!!!! Thanks again Joan

James Kwiatkoski - Capac, MI

I thought it was an excellent show.It motivated me to get off my butt,and see more of what Michigan has to offer---Thank You so much!!!

Michael Stoll - Clinton Township, MI

The show just great. I have gone camping and hikeing in many places in Michigan and I am always looking for the Out Of The Way places just like the one you showed this week. I plan on going up and visiting some of the places featured on this weeks show. Thanks, I really enjoy watching you each week. I am looking forward to the Rifle River Show next week - we all used to go there every 4th of July. Thank Again, Your doing a Great Job. :)

Randall Adkins - Waterford, MI

It was cool to see the remote places in the U.P.--places that even locals aren't aware of. This show is the next best thing when work is super buy and going there myself isn't possible. Thanks!

Theresa Murdock - Ubly, MI

I just caught the tail end of show, but plan to use in my 4th grade Social Studies class. Any other dvds suitable to use to use in my class which focuses on Michigan geography and history?

William Gipson - Warren, MI

I loved the show. I spend a lot of time in Munising and have never been that far south along M-94 (during warmer months). I'm an avid snowmobiler, so you have given me ANOTHER reason to go up in the fall. Today was ther first time I've seen your show, and I'll be a faithful watcher now. Keep up the great work.

David Holtsclaw - Watervliet, MI

I am just amazed with what was shown on your show about the UP. I was so nice to see the things that I did not know were there. My family is starting to plan next years summer vacation and this is where we will be going. Thanks for a great show, David

Mollie Wood - Monroe, MI

I always enjoy Tom's shows. I've watched for years. The fall is my favorite time of the year though. Perhaps you could do a driving fall color getaway with easy accessible stops for those that can't hike to see the beauitful Michigan fall colors.There is a road I'm told in the lower peninsula between Mackinaw City and Charlevoir where the trees engulf the road. This must be beautiful in the fall. There is so much to see and do in our state I'm glad you are bringing some of the things to us. Thank-you and keep the cameras rolling. Yours in Nature, Mollie Wood

Maryalice Chester - Lansing ,MI

I loved it! Expecially the springs. But the quiet and beauty and out-of-the-way-ness of the area...I'm going to plan next year's vacation to follow your path. Always love the show. And wish you'd do more for a quick-access weekend trip for us Down-Staters! Like the Thumb, maybe Port Huron to Huron City, or along the St. Clair River down to Detroit. Seems there's always lots of focus on the West side of the State, but not the East. Thanks for the show!

Carl Teachout - Cheboygan, MI

We Love your show..have watched it since the beginning of the ""Northern Experience"" days and tivo all the shows so we don't miss a one! We have now planned to take advantage of the Manistique area adventure that we watched recently..it's only a day trip for us and Fall is here and we can't wait to go! Then perhaps the Oscoda area one in Huron Nat'l forest. Thanks, Carl

Jeremy Hubert - Hesperia, MI

Awesome, my kids are beging us to take them up to the U.P. for a weekend, and after the show on Sunday I think we have about four families excited to go.

Frederick Bridgeman - Dearborn Heights, MI

I just love your show. Please keep up the great work you been providing to us viewers. Michigan is a great place to explore. :-)

Dennis Gootee - Plymouth, MI

Marvelous and timely. I will be going into this area next week and will definitely have to check it out. As many times that iv'e been in this area I had no idea of what was there untill I saw your show today. Thanks!

Luis Villarreal - Mount Morris, MI

Loved learning about the Rifle River Recreational Area. We love to hike and will make a trip up to check out the fall colors and enjoy the beauty and solitude. We have a feeling it may become one of our favorites to visit year round. Thanks for showing us some wonderful places to visit. Keep them coming, we really enjoy your show.

JulieAnn Saferian - Novi, MI

I thought it was fantastic ,i have been all over the north. I have been trying to pick a place to take my family . I am definetly goingto make reservations I love your show we have been several placesw based on you program. Thnaks you for a beautiful insite JulieAnn

Mitchell Dubanik - Livonia, MI

Great show. I stumbled on it during a comercial break during a football game and never switched back! Your show is now on my must watch list. Keep up the great work!

J. Czyz - Sterling Heights, MI

I thought it was great--1st time i've caught the show, won't be the last for sure. I always thought the Rifle River was just that, the river--never knew about the campgounds, lakes, hiking, etc. thanks--you've given me somewhere else to go in this beautiful state.

Daniel Gillman - Bay City, MI

Beauty unlimited!! Thanks for giving us at home the pleasure to see all of the BEAUTY of Michigan. The Rifle River IS MAJESTIC!! Thank-you!!

Dean Hull - Auburn, MI

I really enjoyed the tour of rifle river area. my wife and I have our own kayaks, which we obtained the fall of 2006. Both of us enjoy traveling waterways that ban gas motors. We live near Bay City and will truly use this info. My wife and I use the information routinely from your show. It allows us to see all that Michigan and nearby Canada has to offer which otherwise would be missed Thankyou dean hull

Walter Helms - Clio, MI

This week was great like all your shows. My wife and I love to watch them every chance we get. Plus we like the area of this weeks show...We even called our son who likes to camp in that area...and he was happy to get the info on it too...Keep up the good work and see you again I'm sure...Thanks...The Helms

Joseph Winkel - Lincoln Park, MI

Great! I'm a Scoutmaster for Troop 1380 in Lincoln Park MI. This summer we did a 50 mile canoe trip on the Rifle River. Your show gave me more information of what the Rifle River Recreation Area as to offer. Thanks

Mary Woessner - Omena, MI

It was wonderful! We were aware of the area, but unfortunately have never been there. You gave us an "armchair" view of what's available. Thank you! M. Woessner

James McFillen - Bowling Green, OH

This was absolutely beautiful, and it's within easy reach of many locations.

Jim Aaron - Glasgow, KY

My sister works with your brother Gary in Clio. Great show, I've seen it in Kentucky several times. I live about twenty miles from Mammoth Cave National Park. Talk about great views. Great Show. Jim Aaron Glasgow,KY

K. Vergith - Ortonville, MI

I thoroughly enjoyed the video-tour. I have been told by others that the Rifle River area is beautiful, and your show confirmed that. Thanks!

Michael Conte - Warren, MI

I love your show and i watch it every week. my father and i used it as a guide to travel around the state. We have even toured the bruce penninsula & manatoulin island.

Darin Switter - Waterford, MI

OH i love camping and i am always wanting to know where to go camping, i think that the show really showed was interesting about the west branch area.

October 2007

Donald Anderson - West Branch, MI

This show was wonderful. We have lived in West Branch for 11 years and near the Rifle River and never knew this recreation area existed. I am an AVA (American Volksmarch Assoc) walker and the trails would be great for the 10K walks we organize. I am anxious to get the DVD. Thank You, Pat Anderson

Barbara Durflinger - Hillman, MI

Great scenery. I don't know if it is our local station or not, but you seem to have a lot of ongoing audio problems we've noticed for the last month or so- lots of fading in and out. Sometimes we can't hear the host's voice at all. We get it on our PBS station on Dish Network.

Fred Olmsted - St. Johns, MI

Last week, my wife and I passed through West Branch on our way from Mackinaw to Saginaw. We stopped briefly at the outlet mall, but I had no idea that we drove past such an unbelievable recreation area! Because of your show, we will be returning to the region and spending more time, and hopefully will have the grandsons along. There's just so much to do! Thanks for a great show!

Neil Burns - Altamonte Springs, FL

I really enjoyed Rifle River and the Grousehaven camping area. The trails made me want to go for a hike !!

MJ Borchard - Frankenmuth, MI

I've been looking for a weekend getaway to surprise my husband with on his 57th birthday. Oscoda will be perfect. We will enjoy the trails that were highlighted on your show this week. Maybe we can lose a few pounds at the same time we enjoy God's beautiful scenery. Thanks for the idea!!!!!

Greg Zerby - Eastpointe, MI

your shows are just fantastic,very informative, and entertaining.Keep up the great work

Vicky Eckert - Dryden, MI

Loved the show! Just so happens we'll be camping in the area Oct. 12 We'd love to have a few of the trail maps of the area for a family day hike .You're doing a great job of showing the best of our beautiful state.

Al Hanselman - Westland, MI

Excellent. really makes you want to get up and get outdoors for a Michigan getaway.

Joe Mitchell - Westland, MI

wow what a show. this program was great. i have a real love with the ausable river. my brother and i had a great experience on the river in july. we spent 8 days on the river. we started in grayling with 2 eleven ft. rafts, one with our gear and the other with us. the wives dropped us off in the town of grayling and told us don't call till we hit the last dam cause they weren't picking us up any earlyer..lol.. well we saw so much wild life from porcupines, mink, and the eagles. fortunately no bear encounters. it was the trip of a lifetime. a trip we captured on video. what a state we live in. the trip inspired a friend of us so much he would like to go with us to just do a documentary like film of us on the excursion. the video we shot was ok but hard to do in the blow up boats with all the movement of the boat on the water. it was the hardest most fun thing we have ever done.. i don't think we will do the blow up rafts again do to the punctures and tears we had along the way.. well thanks for putting on such a great show, and telling and showing people all of the great things this wonderful state has to offer. oh and sorry about the spelling and punctuation. joe

Thomas Gleason - St. Clair Shores, MI

I thought the show was very well done, and very educational.My wife and I were up in that area for a weekend just last week. We really enjoyed the trip, and look forward to coming back soon.

Louise Antes - Fenwick, MI

It was very enjoyable, and gave me an instant desire to go on a Northern Michigan color tour and an outdoors hiking experience. We really enjoy your show. Bob & Louise Antes

Maria Pellikka - Monroe, MI

I saw two of your shows over the weekend. The one on Schoolcraft County and the one on the Huron Manistee National Forest. Both of these shows were excellent!!! What great programs. Please send me anything you have available from these shows and keep me informed about upcoming shows. Keep up the good work!!!! We need more outdoor programs like this that are for hikers rather than hunters. Loved it!!!

Dana Stothard - Bentley, MI

It was really neat! My husband and I just happened to be in Oscoda and watched the show before we went on the Ausable River Queen.

Henry Krinkle - Napoleon, OH

I thought that the show about the rifle river was very good, I liked how it showed the scenery of the outlooks, and had information about the campsites

Michael and Gina Kinkaid - Whitehouse, OH

We just watched this episode, on Oct 13, 2007 on Toledo Ch 30 WGTE-TV. Really a nice program.. Sincerely, Mike and Gina Kinkaid

Dee Gillman - Bay City, MI

Wonderful show! Thank-you for showing us all the GREAT lighthouses! I can't travel so seeing your shows makes me ENJOY them as if I WAS THERE!! Thank-you again!!

Tom Miller - East Lansing, MI

Hello! I just saw the show and when you mentioned Bois Blanc Island as 'boyz blank' I just about croaked! There are a couple acceptable pronunciations: For example... 'Bo Blanc'- with a long 'a' as in 'ah, and with the 'c' almost silent; you know, say it with a French flair! There is also 'Bob Lo', but never ever Boyz Blank! Great show otherwise. Tom

Ed Roth - Bridgeport MI

I always think the show is really great. But I have a question and that is where in Alpena is the Stoney Acres Winery? I've been to the brew pub I just can't place the winery and would like to visit it in the future. Thanks Ed Roth

Stoney Acres Winery
4268 Truckey Road
Alpena, MI 49707
(989) 356-1041
Directions: From Alpena: Travel north on US-23 to French Road (Kur Van's Marathon on the corner) and turn left. Travel to the second road on the left, approximately 2 miles, and turn left on Truckey Road. The winery is located 0.3 miles on the left.
Hours:Tues-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5 Closed Mondays

Beverley Bender - Frankenmuth, MI

We have a B&B in Frankenmuth and had expected to get a CD from the Chamber of your "Little Bavaria" as I thought they would be selling them after your May show. They now called to say they can only loan the copy out and we winter in AZ and would like to have a copy to show the residence there. Is there a possibility of purchasing a copy since I see on your site now that you are no longer making them.

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