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May 2008

Bob Holmes - New Hudson, MI

We liked the fact that you once again introduced us to vacation possibilities right here in our home state of Michigan. With the economy what it is, and the price of gas at record levels, it's nice to know that we can vacation right here in our own backyard. Thanks.

Kimberly Hoisington - Lewiston, MI

Enjoyed the show. It's always great to find places I didn't know about so close to home. Keep up the great work!

Carl Fields - Clinton Township, MI

Extremely well documented and informative. I can't wait to visit those areas covered. Thanks for your professionalism and energetic presentation!

Gerald Norris - Howell, MI

It was a great episode, my family and I were looking for a place not to far from us that could give us a full vairety of things to do. Your show definately helped us figure out our next vacation

M. Fred Howard - Grand Blanc, MI

The show was great. This is the first time that I have caught your program and enjoyed it very much. Look forward to seeing additional shows

Ed Wierzbinski - Westland, MI

As with most of your shows, always learn things we weren't aware of. Keep it up.

Tom Thomson - MI

I loved the show ,I'm trying to get my brothers,brotherinlaws and nephews to do the ride this summer so I would like to get any information I can to help me put this ride together!!! Thak You Very Much Tom Thomson

Brian Baker - Greenfield, IN

It was very well documented and really provided excellent information. I can definitely see me planning a vacation trip to the area.

Kevin Halsted - Attica, MI

I really enjoyed the show. It was the first time I had seen the show but, I will make sure I catch future programs. I really enjoy programs that are related to topics found in Michigan.

Paul Markus - Westland, MI

Enjoyed show of Houghton Lake area very much. I have visited the area and found it very restful and attractive.

Dorothy Thomas - Ingersoll, ON

Loved it and want to go more than ever to Frankenmuth, Little Bavaria. I would like to receive information so we can plan a trip over. Thanks

Steve Bartlett - Charlotte, MI

I enjoy your shows every week.Keep up the good work.

David Bailey - E. Lansing, MI

I come from Ontario, and I knew nothing about these waterfalls. Thanks for the wonderfully informative show!

William F Schultheis - Grosse Ile, MI

Hello, I only got to see a small portion of your show, due to honey do jobs. The good thing is that my wife saw part of Grey Ont. & enjoyed the Falls. So now she wants to go to see the Falls. Hope my legs are up to it. We miss your show while in Fla. Just got back may 5th. Always have enjoyed your shows in the past years. You do a great job. Keep up the good work.

Ellie Pinner - Waterford, MI

Breath taking views.. can't wait to photograph.

Linda Wojda - Auburn, MI

It was a good show. You don't see to many things about water falls, in the lower part of Michigan.

Marlene Hopkins - Tower, MI

I was very impressed with the documentary done on the Grey County, Ont. area. It was very educational learning about the many waterfalls found in this county region. I am planning a summer vacation to this part of Ontario this Fall, and would like to seek more information on planning a trip.

Cindy Mikula - Mt. Pleasant, MI

very interesting; it has inspired me to check out the West Branch area.

June 2008

Wayne Howell - Elk Rapids, MI

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the show. Keep up the good work!

Jerry Jordan - Livonia, MI

I've only seen the show a couple times so far, but we are always looking for good places to vacation. (especially ones that aren't too far away!)

Wilma Smith - Davison, MI

I really enoyed the show. My husband and I are in the process of planning a trip to Ontario next month. The show was really helpful.

Tom Brennan - White Lake, MI

Loved the show, looked forward to visiting the area.

Marti Molitor - Brighton, MI

My first time, really loved it! Good work; it peaked my interest. Thank you! Marti

Robert Ross - Wheatley, ON

Enjoyed your show a lot !! With the price of fuel we will be vacationing close to home (ON./MI) and your waterfall tour looks like just the ticket for a daytrip or two. Regards: Bob and Cheryl Ross

Pauline Chenowith - Warren, MI

The waterfall show is splendid! I am excited. I hope to be able to take the trip this summer. Looking forward to receiving the information very much. Thank You!!!

Robert McAndrew - Livonia, MI

Thought it was great and beautiful!

Diane Dornfried - Westland, MI

I thought it was great but I started watching in the middle and even though they showed a map they never said where it was. Then I saw the website at the end of the show, thank goodness. I'd love to do this trip.

Pam Dort - Goodrich, MI

LOVED IT! My husband and I have always said our next motorcycle trip is going to be to the Niagara Escarpment area and this falls tour is just the ticket! Thanks for a great show!

Norma Smith - Lapeer, MI

Loved it. We're planning a trip to see these beautiful waterfalls this summer. Thank you.

Dale Allsop – Hartland, MI

I have been watching your show for many years. It is the best. Keep up the good work. Dale

Greg Scheitler Jr. - Vernon, MI

This was a great program! Enjoyed all the different sight seeing ideas from around Schoolcraft County. Thinking about a fall trip to this area. Wonderful program.

William Goetsch - Dearborn, MI

This show was great for our family vacation planning. This area is exactly what we've been looking for. I have forgotten how beautiful the area is.

C Lutey - Lake Orion, MI

I loved the shoe and it was ironic that a friend and I were just discussing going to that area in august. Thanks

James McPhail - St. Charles, MI

Very good show. I might head up north in the next month.

Justus Veen - Holland, MI

I tuned in late to the show but what I saw I really enjoyed. I have been through and have Stayed in Manistique many times but I still learned of things that I didn't realize were in the Manistique area.

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