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March 2008

Ken Hoffman - Charlevoix, MI

You did just a wonderful job showing the great area of the river river. As a kid i used to go the river often and i think i will go back this year thanks to your show. thank you Ken Hoffman

Tim Kristopik - Tawas City, MI

Good... I live in area and the show gave info i wasn't aware of.

Fred D. Russell - Sanford, MI

Great show! A really beautiful area. We drove through there once a few years ago. We have been wanting to go back again. Thanks again keep up the good work.

Greg Potter - Kincheloe, MI

I really enjoyed this week's show. I would like to plan a family trip to the rifle river area. I enjoy getting new ideas for get away locations in Michigan. Keep up the good work.

Clem Curry - Sanford, MI

Excellent show, love the info provided about a place I just absolutley love to trout fish at.

Ron Krecioch - Gladwin, MI

Though I Don't live very far from the area, I haven't visited it. Your program sparked my interest. Thank You

Cora Avery - Mio, MI

I really enjoyed it. I like your show because of going to different places. I watch it every Saturday.

Reverand James Simcox - Shepherd, MI

I thought the show was really informative. We have been vacationing on the west side of Michigan for many years. Your show has sparked our interest in seeing new areas on the east side. Jim

Andrea Struble - New York, NY

I don't get to watch the show unless parents copy and send them to me but I love kayaking up north whenever my job permits during the summer months. I miss my homestate but am a producer here in NYC. Thank you

Richard Lawton - Melbourne, FL

I enjoyed it very much and it made me wish to visit the area.

Brian Bedra - Lake Orion, MI

I enjoy all your shows. I am requesting a copy of this weeks show DVD, since I may be actually on it. My son and I filmed with you guys last fall canoeing on the Rifle with Big Mikes's Livery. Thank you in advance.

Bob/Deb Goodrick - Muskegon, MI

We have watched your shows for years on WGVU-TV and have always enjoyed it, even the repeats are just as good. We would like to know a little about you and your staff. Is this your guys' full time job? Do anything else? Would like to meet you some day and shake your hand as you do such a great show. thanx

Jim Mcfall - West Branch, MI

Tom, I like every one of your shows, I remember you when you first started, You bring things too me that i have seen and places i have been too because of you , thanks again. JIM

Barry Mcfall - West Branch, MI

Thank You for your shows, I like to travel and see the beauty of nature and your show does just that , Great show this week

Omer Durfee - Fond du Lac, WI

I loved it! I go back and forth between Fond du Lac and Marquette, and I like any reminder of the UP in the fall.

Dorothy Birtles - Big Rapids, MI

I thought it was great. We have been to Big Springs but did not know about the trails around to the east side. Thanks

Joe Paradis - Menominee, MI

Great spots my wife & I have not kayaked yet! Wiil do this summer! Thanks,

Reverend James Simcox - Shepherd, MI

My wife and I enjoyed todays show. Even though the price of gas is high, we decided to make the U.P. one of our destinations this summer. We are dicovering new places to visit because of your show. I really enjoy the way you present each area. Thanks Rev. Jim

Elizabeth Benyi - Lanse, MI

I loved it....shows why I moved up here to the UP

Virginia Maday - Bay City, MI

Very interesting. Some of the places familiar. Good photography. Nice to watch.

Douglas Fader - Unionville, MI

it was a great show..We've been to the U.P. numerous times..We love to camp & also went to Cedarville for many years..

Keith Chmura - Pinconning, MI

It was awsome. We try to spend a lot of time in the U.P., summer and winter. Always looking for new hiking trails. Great show.

Kelly Hill - Bad Axe, MI

This was the first time that I have watched this show and I loved it! I always find the different places in MI fascinating, and am blown away by the beauty here (even though I've lived here nearly my entire life)! Thank you for creating such a neat and unique show for us to enjoy. It is very much appreciated! Warmest Regards, Mrs. ~Kelly Hill

Kathy Hinman - East Tawas, MI

It's the first time I've seen your show. We are always looking for new places to visit on summer vacations. This is a great way to let people know what is available to experience on a Michigan vacation. Thank you; Kathy Hinman

Carol Dacko - Pinckney, MI

I loved it! It was particularly wonderful to see the great eateries! Thanks, Carol

Sharon Sanders - Harrison, MI

My husband & I were really impressed to find out the great places so close to our home that we would like to go to.We belong to a group that has taken the boat cruise on houghton lake we even recognized the cook.Good food & we always filled the boat with our group,Golden Moose from Harrison Moose Lodge.Great Show Thanks Sharon & Norm Sanders

Audrey Langley - Oak Park, MI

Loved it, thinking of a family vacation at Houghton Lake this summer.

Michelle Satawa - Warren, MI

I love the Houghton area. I got my husband out camping a couple years ago and we got our first camper last summer. I really want to promote the Houghton area for this summer and this show will really help me promote it. I especially liked the spot on the canoeing which looks perfect for my younger kids!! Thank you!!!

Edmond Laroye - South Woodslee, ON

My wife and I were watching it on tv and would really like to explore this area. It's only about a four hour drive from here and would make a great weekend getaway.

Bob Holmes - New Hudson, MI

It was great. It's easy to overlook all that Michigan has to offer, and today's show has helped us to discover one more vacation destination that we will be sure to visit next summer.

Kathy Burgis - East Lansing, MI

I only tuned in at the halfway point, so I was very happy to see the dvd offer. What I saw, I enjoyed. Good camera work, nicely paced.

Mary Ellen Paradis - Elliot Lake, ON

This was the first time I seen this show. I was very impressed. There is so much to do at Hougthton Lake, and Higgins Lake.Many things to see.I will be tuning in to future episodes from now on. Yours Truly Mary Ellen Paradis

Patricia Loch - Sterling Heights, MI

I loved it!!! My parents used to take my sister and I to Houghton Lake when I was very young. I have so many fond memories of our vacations there. I am looking forward to receiving the DVD of this show and to watching future shows. Keep up the good work!!!

C. L. wolf - Titusville, FL

I was only able to catch the last 15 minutes of the show, but I loved every minute of it. I am originally from Michigan and our family frequented the Higgins Lake area in Mid to late 1950's early 60's. I miss Michigan sooo much and I try to catch all of your travel shows thoughout the state. Keep up the good work. It helps those of us who cannot make it back "home" often enough. It also keeps us upto date with growth and improvements.

Heather Hawkins - Southgate, MI

could you please email with rustic campsites around lumbermans monument ? thank you

You will find camping information at http://www.oscoda.com/hiking.php

Arsey Miller - Clarkston, MI

I liked the show and found it very interesting. We have not been to the Houghton lake area before and it looks like a very nice place to visit this summer.

Sandra Jackson - Swartz Creek, MI

I thought it was great! As grandparents raising two grandchildren, we look for these types of get aways for time to ourselves.

Kenneth Gargala - Dearborn, MI

I have been to the Bruce several times, loved Tobermory and even gone to Manitoulin Island a couple of times. I have not gone up the east coast of the Bruce, and look forward to it. thanks for the nice show, Ken

kitty olson - Melvindale, MI

What can I say, JUST WONDERFUL!!!! How beautifull it is a great getaway for my honeymoon!! Kitty

Roxanne Short - Milan, MI

I was very happy to catch this show,it was very informative about the Bruce Trail,which I have been wanting to do for some time now.I also want to bring my kayak and ""HIKE THE WATER"" Thank You Roxanne.

Joane Whitehouse - St Paul de L'ile-aux-Noix, QC

I didn't see the entire show but the portion I did see about the caves certainly caught my eye. I'm looking forward to seeing the piece you did on Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman, MI (I am one of the quilters who was in attendance at the retreat).

paul hébert - Norbertville, QC

We long wanted to visit the georgian bay area. What we saw of Bruce trail on your show convinced us we have to go there real soon ! thanks to you!

Kathy Dunbar - Farmington Hills, MI

AWESOME. Some of my friends were wondering where to backpack this year - this may be it. We would be backpacking 5-7 days 8.5 to 11 miles per day. Thanks.

Stacie Brozo - Casco, MI

I loved the show...it looked like something me and my daughter might enjoy! Thanks

Neal Miller - Carson City, MI

We enjoyed the show and are very interested in seeing the area ourselves. Thank you, Neal Miller

Harry Simmons - Winchester, IN

Wonderful show neverseen it before but glad I finally got a chance to see it.

Frank & Sheila Bogensic - Belleville, MI

One of your best shows thus far! Keep up the great work. Did you ever consider a show in the lower part of the province of Onatario. I'm originally from there and my wife and I now travel back reguarly to enjoy the sailing and birding opportunities in southern ontario. If you'd like, I'd be happy to offer some ideas for your consideration. Best regards, Frank

Timothy Coe - Grayling, MI

I tuned in late, caught just the last 15 minutes. I have dove at Tobermorey several times, years ago, and biked down the Bruce Pen. some years ago. Beautiful country. What I saws of the show was great. It appears there has been a lot of work done in the past few years. I think I would like to revisit the Bruce with my son and possibly his scout troop.

Craig Beach - Belding, MI

very interested in the Bruce trail....loved the show

April 2008

Joe and Jo Anne Miano - West Branch, MI

Just wanted to thank you for the show on Winter River Rafting on the Sturgeon River near Burt Lake / Indian River. We put it on our "Bucket List" to do ---- and we were able to cross it off recently. We throughly enjoy the trip. Jamie at Big Bear Adventures was a wonderful guide. We hope to enjoy this trip again. Thanks again for informing us of this wonderful adventure.

Kevin Green - East Lansing, MI

We just caught a rerun of the Manistique program on East Lansing's WKAR and loved it. We have never seen the show before, nor have we ever been to Manistique. You have new fans and we will most likely plan a trip to the Manistique area this summer. Thanks for sharing! Kevin and Dee Green East Lansing

Gayle Bird - Flint, MI

I loved it. I am getting ready for a family vacation and I thank you for the great ideas.

Don McChristian - Sterling Heights, MI

#615 Manistique 4-5-08. I was impressed, I just retired 4-1-08 & this was the first time I saw Great Getaways, I pass through Manistique several times a year "on the road to Gwinn", now I have a reason for a prolonged stay in Manistique area. Thanks for producing such a great travel show....

Brian Baczkowski - Warren, MI

This week's show, Mystique of Manistique, was very interesting. I didn't realize that a family could have some much fun vacationing there. Interests that caputured my eye include: canoeing, hiking, site-seeing, etc.

M. Dean Reed - Sterling, MI

Because I am familiar with the area, I was very impressed with the shows presentation. I also learned of some new activities available in the area...It was a very well done show.

James Deneen - Whitmore Lake, MI

We found the show very informative, Manistique will be our next choice for a vacation spot. Thank you.

Jean Finch - Metamora, MI

Love Your Show-keep up the good work-Michigan is a unique beautiful place!

Jim Yarnott - Comstock Park, MI

The show on Manistique came at the right time as my family plan to vist the area Labor day weekend.

John Williams - Otisville, MI

I really in enjoyed the show It makes me want to get out and enjoy Michigan's outdoors, thanks

Jerry and Lisa Kuchera - Oxford, MI

It was a great show. We wish it could've been longer for even more depth of coverage, but then we always do!

Charley Prather - Clarkston, MI

Enjoyed it very-good information. We have been to the Bruce Peninsula and visited some of the gardens a few years ago and look forward to visiting this summer again. Enjoy your show!!

Mark Rudd - Laingsburg, MI

Great show! My wife and I hiked on the Bruce Peninsula this past summer but missed the garden tours. We'll take a trip over to the Grey/Bruce and see a few of the rural gardens. Thanks for letting us know about this nearby jewel of a place.

Pamela Kaufmann - Ferndale, MI

It made me want to run, not walk, to my car and race over to Grey-Bruce Counties! :-) As a Canadian transplanted to Michigan, I still sometimes vacation in the Grey-Bruce area and have fond memories of summer vacations there growing up in southern Ontario. I truly enjoy and appreciate your programs each week on PBS. THANK YOU! As a newcomer to Michigan, you have educated me on beautiful places to see for great getaways in this state, as well as in Ontario. I'm amazed I didn't know about the garden tours until your program today! THANK YOU SO MUCH and keep up the great work.

Dan Julian - Bay City, MI

Great idea for my fiance and myself for our honeymoon this spring.

Connie Popa - Leamington, ON

This was the 1st time I viewed your show and it was that, that prompted me to find out more about the area.We travelled last fall in Michigan and may plan to make it an annual event.

Allison Birndorf - Interlochen, MI

I really enjoyed the show. It was the first time I had seen Great Getaways. I liked how you showed us the nature and beauty of Michigan. The trail in Oscoda looked very peaceful and fun. I look forward to next week's show!

Stephanie Jowett - Frankfort, MI

Tom always has a great show. I find him entertaining because he's a true tourist, hes clumsy, eager to visit and learn about the area and finds joy in just being outdoors, which most of viewers share. I live on the western side of Michigan and have been curious about the eastern side. So the show was what i was looking for. If I am one of the first one hundred may i have the dvd? Either way I love the show. Thanks Stephanie

D.F. - Alpena, MI

I enjoyed this show. One thing I liked was the part where you showed being outdoors on the water, you dont have to be quiet, just have fun, go with the flow.

Carl Heldt - Memphis, MI

I thought it was very interesting and I want to plan a vacation to Oscoda. I have always wanted to try kayaking and this looks like it would be a great place to start. I apprecaite all of the good ideas on trips to take right here in Michigan. Thank you.

Leo Bathe - Madison Heights, MI

It was a beautiful show. I love the up north scenery. I would love to fish the lake that Tom was fishing in. It was such a quiet place and the lake looked like a mirror.

Kendra Shillair - Bay City, MI

I found this show really interesting. I live in Bay City, and I didn't know that great outdoor adventure and fun was so close by. I will definately fit a trip to the AuSable river into my summer plans.

Christopher Ratliff - Howell, MI

I love your program. I work for the Detroit Rescue Mission's Wildwood Ranch as the Barn Manager/Adventure Director. Last year I lead a group of inner-city teens on the Hoist Lake trails. While there I also instructed future trip leaders on outdoor skills. We also take 13+ horses on the Shore to Shore trail every summer. This year my wife will be joining me on these trips, 3 to the area in all. It was very helpful for her to see your program. We hope to vacation in Oscoda this September also. As usual your program was very diverse in topics and information. We both look forward to this summer and your next programs!

Hank Kaufmann - Saginaw, MI

I watched every second of the show and enjoyed seeing Jim Miller in action. I realize you cannot get it all into one half-hour segment. I would make the following suggestions about this area: Sawmill Point Maltby Hills www.Ioscosportsmen.com Corsair/Silver Valley Tawas Point State Park & Lighthouse Buck Creek Pond Reid Lake Brookie fishing on small feeder creeks. -Hank Kaufmann

Dianna Gregory - Three Rivers, MI

My husband and I watched the show today with our 8 year old nephew. I commented that it would be a great trip and affordable with the price of gas! Our nephew asked when 'we' could go! and if he could help paddle. It looks like a great place to check out.

Warren Warber - Walker, MI

I tuned in your show for the first time while I was working in my shop, what a surprise. I'm a canoer and kayaker, I build my own boats and paddles. The show was great, I lost shop time, it was worth it.

Shawn Burr - Beaverton, MI

I was suprised to see that there was so much to offer, when it came to the Rifle River. Our family frequently goes to Sterling to fish and have often wondered if there were other areas to explore. I want to thank you for giving my family of eight more places to explore! Thank You, Shawn I Burr

Shawn Marcero - Lake Ann, MI

Have loved every show I've seen. Gives great ideas for planning a getaway. Places I haven't even heard of or thought of going to.


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