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July 2014
What did you think of this week's show?
Tue 7/1/2014 9:26 AM
Stephen Retherford - Plymouth, MI

Great show as always! Thanks for doing the legwork for me to know where to go to see some great areas.
Tue 7/1/2014 8:00 PM
Lisa Valley - Midland, MI

Loved it (Heart of Michigan Circle Tour)! We have camped in the area many times, but learned some new places to explore from the show.
Wed 7/2/2014 9:31 AM
Robert Skinner - Gibraltar, MI

Very informative program! I didn't know that Ogemaw County had so much to offer. I'm planning on buying property in the Ogemaw County area, and would like to receive the DVD and brochure to share with my family.
Wed 7/2/2014 2:33 PM
Lin Dimpfl - Reford Twp, MI

I think all of your shows are great, very interesting and informative.
Wed 7/2/2014 10:17 PM
Richard Mason - Dearborn Heights, MI

I loved the show (Huron Shores Circle Tour). I just visited Tawas and Oscoda and missed quite a few of the sites seen on the episode. Keep up the great work.
Sat 7/5/2014 11:59 AM
Randy Skaggs - Flint, MI

I actually stumbled upon the show and started watching. It was very good. I have seen some of what was shown on the show, but not everything. Looks like I am going to have to make a trip.
Sat 7/5/2014 11:57 AM
Beth Harris - Lapeer, MI

We love this area! We have been up there many times, but this episode showed us so many other things that we had no idea were even there. Thank you!
Sat 7/5/2014 12:00 PM
Melissa Doering - Amherstburg, ON

The show I seen today was wonderful. My children and I watched in awe over the beauty of these areas. It's inspired us to take a road trip this summer for camping and exploring.
Sat 7/5/2014 11:59 AM
Ellen Berranen - Farmington Hills, MI

Great! I really like this and all of your programs. The guides are really good too.
Sat 7/5/2014 11:59 AM
Stan Lewis - Tecumseh, MI

I thought it (Huron Shores Circle Tour) was very well done.  It offered lots of options including rustic settings as well as developed venues. Good show.
Sat 7/5/2014 12:01 PM
Dan Wilson - Westland, MI

I was in awe of the beauty. My adventurous spirit awoke that had been sleeping for a long time.
Sat 7/5/2014 12:14 PM
Judy Chesman - Monroe, MI

First time I ever watched your show. I will be back next week. What great ideas for us to see Michigan up close!
Sat 7/5/2014 12:17 PM
Ken Drexler - Dexter, MI

As with all your shows, I thought this week's was excellent. I just finished an 8 day kayak/camping/fishing trip down the AuSable, and never imagined how beautiful it was. I will definitely be doing it again. I try to watch all of your shows (when I'm home) and I enjoy them all. Keep up the good work!
Sat 7/5/2014 12:19 PM
Michael Nickerson - Clinton Twp, MI

Great! I have driven through the area a number of times, but never paid close attention. Thanks for the eye-opener. I will drive slower, stop once in awhile and enjoy Michigan's east coast.
Sat 7/5/2014 12:30 PM
Keith & Mary Heighton - Grayling, MI

We recently moved to northern Michigan and love watching your show. After viewing this episode we will be taking our vacation this late summer doing the Huron Shores Circle Tour.
Sat 7/5/2014 1:06 PM
Jim Gibson - Garden City, MI

I just discovered your show - didn't know so much cool stuff was so close. Just like the Huron tour, this one also is a good weekend getaway for the summer. I’m glad I have four weeks of paid vacation, watching your show I’m going to need it!
Sun 7/6/2014 5:53 PM
Paul Prosniewski - Pinckney, MI

This is the first time I watched the show. I really enjoyed finding out about the area attractions. This is one of my favorite parts of the state. The information was conveyed in a clear and entertaining manner.
Sun 7/6/2014 11:19 PM
Sandra Scheel - West Branch, MI

Fantastic! I just read the archives information from 2014 and I am sorry to have missed so many shows. I hope to watch on a regular basis now. Thank you!
Mon 7/7/2014 8:01 PM
S.M. Lenart - Troy, MI

This show was great (Huron Shores Circle Tour)! My family went to Oscoda every year when I was growing up, and having seen the show I really would like to go back again!
Mon 7/7/2014 8:01 PM
Robert Sinasac - Amherstburg, ON

That was a great show (Huron Shores Circle Tour)! Every year we try to plan a trip around Michigan. This show showed us some places to visit that are a couple hours away, thanks.
Mon 7/7/2014 9:15 PM
Chad Stone - Dearborn, MI

We enjoy the Great Getaway shows and have been planning vacations based on information that we see on the shows.
Tue 7/8/2014 7:57 PM
Darrett Pullins - Rochester, MI

I had no idea that Michigan had so many outdoor events and things to see! I was so happy to have seen this show. It never would have happened, had it not been for over the air digital TV. I saw this show on WCMU and I am in Rochester!
Wed 7/9/2014 5:04 PM
Barb Neubauer - St. Clair Shores, MI

I missed the first 15 minutes of show, but loved what I saw. After watching the show, I plan on going to this area in early August. It’s great! I can't wait for a Michigan family road trip!
Wed 7/9/2014 6:28 PM
Ken Bluthardt - Warren, MI

I spent my summers fishing the dams along the Au Sable when I was a kid. What memories you have brought back to me! Thank you for sharing the beauty of the AuSable with the public. I really enjoy the show! Now I can watch this with the kids, and plan a tour of our own. Thank You!
Fri 7/11/2014 5:51 AM
Andrew  Kapusta Jr. - Clinton Township, MI

I never forgot my first trip to the Keweenaw Peninsula, it was amazing. I love the area and try to go back as often as I can. Your show was a trip down memory lane. Thank you.
Sat 7/12/2014 7:51 AM
Patricia Martinbianco-Stapish - Burton, MI

Since I love the Keweenaw Peninsula, I loved watching the show for this week. It brings back a lot of fond memories of my stay at the Keweenaw lodge and taking an interesting 3 mile hike there. There was never a dull moment, just fun learning the history there and truly enjoying the atmosphere. It felt like home away from home to me! Thank you for presenting a great show.
Sat 7/12/2014 11:06 AM
Don Sova -  Chesterfield, MI

Outstanding! Your travel planners will definitely help us to plan our trips. We are lifelong Michiganders. With so much to see in our own state, there is no reason to go elsewhere. Your shows provide a different perspective.
Sun 7/13/2014 2:49 AM
Rodney Firman - Republic, MI

This was the best show yet. For more than 40 years the Keweenaw has been my favorite area of Michigan.  It’s funny that I haven't been there since I moved up here 7 years ago, but circumstances have not allowed me to visit yet. It’s so good to see the owner of the Delaware Mine again and the improvements made at his attraction (the benches in the mine would have been most welcoming the last time I was there 24 years ago, but much less now). Come October I'll finally be making the journey to the peninsula again. Thanks a bunch.
Sun 7/13/2014 7:18 AM
Martin Taylo - Shelby Township, MI

I missed this week’s show. I usually record the show and enjoy it for its ability to show specific things to do in Michigan. I lived here all my life (51 years), but still amazed at all the things the state has to offer. I love how the show is a perfect planner for a weekend or short vacation.  It has overtaken "This Old House" as my favorite PBS show.
Sun 7/13/2014 12:04 PM
W.M Barriger - Bay City, MI

Wonderful! You guys do such a nice job promoting the area's you visit!
Mon 7/14/2014 4:50 PM
Lisa Grates - Livonia, MI

We loved it (The Heart of Michigan Circle Tour), very informative! In fact, we have planned a vacation to the West Branch area!
Mon 7/14/2014 8:23 PM
R. Glenn Stevenson - Howell, MI

My wife and I truly enjoyed the repeat of The Keweenaw Peninsula # 1106 show. You did a spectacular job of helping us re-visit one of our favorite places in Michigan. You also did a fine interview with our nephew, Robert Strittmatter who manages Fort Wilkins and the park alongside his wife and their two boys. Thanks for all you do to highlight our beautiful State of Michigan.
Sun 7/20/2014 6:17 PM
Beth Stirzinger - New Baltimore, MI

I saw this show (Ontario Epic Ride) a while ago. I am so happy to see it again on your site. A group of us are planning a ride and this will be helpful in our planning.
Tue 7/22/2014 11:59 AM
Valmore Lee - Frankenmuth, MI

This was the first time my wife and I have seen the show and we really liked it. It was very informative. We will probably use some the information we got from your show as a guide for our next outing. There were a lot of places in your show that we didn't know about, so thank you for your show and the information. Keep up the good work.
Fri 7/25/2014 3:37 PM
Lynne & Bob MacDonald - Shelby Township, MI

Great! They (the episodes) are always superb and informative. Because of viewing your show, I was inspired to travel to several of the places you showed. This show needs to be on forever.
August 2014
What did you think of this week's show?
Sat 8/2/2014 11:58 AM
Ken Gargala - Dearborn, MI

It was great (Grey County Waterfalls)!  I have been up there several times, but have not seen the waterfalls. Now I need to get back up there and slow down a bit more in order to see the falls, thanks.
Sat 8/2/2014 12:42 PM
Mike Matouka - Shelby Township, MI

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of waterfalls in nearby Ontario. Our favorite regional getaway is the Finger Lakes region of NY, with all its great waterfalls: Watkins Glen and etc. Other favorites are the Corning Glass Museum and Rochester's Eastman Photography Museum/Mansion.
Sat 8/2/2014 12:58 PM
Don Aikin - Camlachie, ON

Just another great show! Bruce County waterfalls are just tremendous. I live just a couple of hours south of these and had no idea what beauty there was there. Tom does as much or more to promote Ontario Tourism than our own Province does. Thank you Tom, Dennis, Bryan and Justin for your great work, keep it up. Also your show gives great ideas for trips to Michigan. I really enjoy your show and look forward to each and every one.
Sat 8/2/2014 6:43 PM
Anthony Marabate - Eastpointe, MI

(Grey County Waterfalls) was very interesting. My parents once took me on a trip to see the waterfalls on the east side of the Upper Peninsula. Someday I hope to do the same with my son.
Mon 8/4/2014 8:00 PM
Jon and Carole Ryburg - Dexter, MI

(Grey County Waterfalls) is appealing because it doesn't seem that there are a lot of tourists, and it isn't too far from home! Fresh air and exercise vacations are always appreciated.
Mon 8/4/2014 8:07 PM
Michelle Larche - Windsor, ON

What a wonderful way to learn about local attractions you may otherwise never hear about in Michigan and Ontario.
Tue 8/5/2014 8:10 PM
Helen Jones - Big Rapids, MI

Only saw the last portion of the show, but was immediately taken with the spectacular waterfalls. I am always looking for interesting places to visit.
Thu 8/7/2014 2:08 PM
Andrew Kapusta Jr. - Clinton Township, MI

What a super place to visit and have fun! Great Getaways hit a homerun on this one.
Sat 8/9/2014 8:59 AM
Sue Smith - Chesterfield, MI

Just wonderful! Now I will have to make the trip up there, looks like a wonderful vacation spot.
Sat 8/9/2014 11:58 AM
CJ Jaskiewicz - Bay City, MI

I always enjoy your shows! There are a lot of things I haven't seen when I travel to those areas that make me go back to see. Thank you so much for providing the many experiences you have shared.
Sat 8/9/2014 12:04 PM
Debbie Taylor - Vassar, MI

(Superior's South Shore) made me want to start packing for a fall color tour! Thanks for a great look at Michigan.
Sat 8/9/2014 12:32 PM
James Francis - Lake Orion, MI

Very informative (Superior’s South Shore), brings back many memories from childhood. I'm planning a trip to return.
Sat 8/9/2014 1:06 PM
Thomas Sawman - Pinckney, MI

Superior’s South Shore is one of your best shows.  I’m already planning a trip there to visit the places described. Thanks again for your shows of places to visit in Michigan.
Sun 8/10/2014 11:58 AM
Marcy Dorr - Paw Paw, MI

I loved the show, thanks! I didn't know there was a bear den hike at Tahquamenon falls. That sounds very interesting.
Sun 8/10/2014 11:59 AM
Terri Winstanley - Grand Rapids, MI

Superior’s South Shore was great, we are thinking of going up that way this fall, and it will help give us ideas as to where to go. Thanks!
Sun 8/10/2014 12:01 PM
Greg Morris - Battle Creek, MI

I enjoyed your (Superior’s South Shore) show very much! It shows us that we have it all in our backyards. I’m very thankful to live in Michigan.
Sun 8/10/2014 12:22 PM
Earl Bigelow - Greenville, MI

Great show, (Superior’s South Shore)! It makes us want to visit this area this fall. Keep up the good work! We watch your show every week on channel 35.1.
Sun 8/10/2014 12:32 PM
Randy Stuhan - Casnovia, MI

It (Superior’s South Shore) was an awesome view of the U.P. and has area's I would love to visit. You have a great show and it makes a nice family time for us to watch on Sunday before lunch. Thank you!
Sun 8/10/2014 1:36 PM
Sandra Zilincik - Sanford, MI

Wow! I was taken aback by the show (Superior’s South Shore). Recently, I took some grandchildren to the engineer's Weekend at Sault Ste. Marie. We visited the first three locations of this show. The Valley Camp Museum, and the Soo Lock's Boat Tour, along with the Whitefish point museum and the Edmund Fitzgerald museum.

We watch this show with great interest, since I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula in the Newberry Area. This is a Great Family show and along with excellent location's, we learn so much more about the places we have visited and continue to visit with family. Thank you again for this "special episode" as I am sure they all are for many people in their own way.
Mon 8/11/2014 6:22 AM
Louise Durcan-Marsh - St. Clair, MI

Enjoyed (Superior’s South Shore) thoroughly, always makes me want to explore. Love the show, keep up the good work!
Tue 8/12/2014 8:02 PM
Robert Brooke - Newberry, MI

This (Superior’s South Shore) was a great show. We live up along the Superior shoreline and appreciate the attention you have given us. It truly is a paradise up here. Thank you!
Tue 8/12/2014 8:12 PM
Judy Chizmadia - Otisville, MI

I had no idea of some of the destinations you visited on the northern shores of Lake Superior. Very interesting! I will plan a trip there due to this show.
Tue 8/12/2014 8:14 PM
Robert Marks - Au Gres, MI

We have been to the U.P. many times, but always find new and interesting things. The show today (Superior’s South Shore) brought to our attention that there is a road along the coast. We always approached the various sites individually from the south. We just bought an RV and plan on the U.P., being our first destination with it in September. Great timing, thank you!
Tue 8/12/2014 9:46 PM
Patricia Utley - Cadillac, MI

We found the show (Superior’s South Shore) to be very informative. We have been to the area before, but did not see some of the sights you talked about. We always learn something new about our state when we watch your show. Thanks for a great job!
Thu 8/14/2014 11:06 PM
Nathan Crossno - Wyoming, MI

I enjoyed the outdoor focus and showing people just how easy it can be to hit the trail, stream, lake, or a nearby campground they may not know about.
Mon 8/25/2014 8:12 PM
Brian Bell - Whitmore Lake, MI

We've cycled in Ontario and enjoyed it all especially seeing Tobermory again. You can't beat two wheels for touring.  This is the first segment I've seen touring on cycles, good job. Always enjoy your programs and go out of my way to be in front of the TV on Monday nights. (Glad I've contributed to channel 56!).
Tue 8/26/2014 11:19 AM
Susan Tracey - Edward, ON

I thought the show (Ontario Epic Ride) was great. We have been up that way before but your show showed us many different places to go.
Sat 8/30/2014 11:58 AM
Jill Kleinsmith - Southgate, MI

I loved the show. We are retiring in June and can't wait to explore more of the Upper Peninsula. This is exactly what I was looking for!
Sat 8/30/2014 12:06 PM
Patricia Loch - Sterling Heights, MI

I love all of the getaway shows, very informative!
Sat 8/30/2014 12:10 PM
Kaye Stocker - Fife Lake, MI

I thought (Top of the Lake Circle Tour) was great. It has been a few years since we did our own tour of some of these spots on the episode, and now know a few more to explore on our next trip to Upper Peninsula. Thanks so much we enjoy your show. I plan on sending a DVD to California for brother and family.
Sat 8/30/2014 9:24 PM
Kristine Slager - Montague, MI

Amazing! I've always loved the Upper Peninsula, but this episode makes me want to MOVE there!
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