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May 2013
What did you think of this week's show?
Wed 5/1/2013 9:19 PM
David Gilles - East Tawas, MI

Thanks for your coverage of Heritage-23 rowing project. Well done! Your coverage of the twin cities was exceptional and appreciated by many members of the community.
Sat 5/4/2013 11:59 AM
Ric Moor - Windsor, ON

Great! (Flint 100 Years) made me want to hop in the car and go to Michigan!
Sat 5/4/2013 12:03 PM
Lorie Wright - St. Clair Shores, MI

This was the first show I had seen and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.
Sat 5/4/2013 4:29 PM
David Koester - Flint, MI

(Flint 100 Years) was great, loved it! I try not to miss any of your shows.
Sat 5/4/2013 4:33 PM
Esther Coble - Flint, MI

Great show! (Flint 100 Years) was very informative. Looking forward to more on my hometown! Thanks.
Sun 5/5/2013 11:59 AM
Mark Dykema -Hudsonville, MI

I thought “Flint 100 Years” was awesome. My wife and I were looking for something to do this year and this caught our eye.
Wed 5/8/2013 1:56 PM
Charles Frederick - Wyoming, MI

Loved it! The U.P.has always been one of my favorite places in the world.
Wed 5/8/2013 6:11 PM
Connie Ostrander - AuGres, MI
I really enjoyed it! Your shows are always enjoyable. We make it a point to watch it every week.
Fri 5/10/2013 2:37 PM
Barbara Jones - Alger, MI

We’re going up (to Manistique) this summer. Your show always helps us find fun.
Fri 5/10/2013 2:10 PM
Barbara Jones - Eastpointe, MI

I travel alone in the summer with (my) grandchildren, and we would have missed many wonderful areas in our state if not for your wonderful programs. I have lived here all my life, and in each new show I learn about some place I have not visited. Thank you for the memories they (my grandchildren) will always have of our journeys.
Sat 5/11/2013 12:27 PM
Christie Valli - Northville, MI

I loved (Grey County Waterfalls and Wonders). I’m excited to go explore the Bruce Trail area.
Sat 5/11/2013 2:38 PM
Ed Palermo - Allen Park

(Grey County Waterfalls & Wonders) was a very good show. We are definitely going to visit. I knew the Georgian Bay area was very nice but had no idea of the number of waterfalls and great hiking trails. Cobble Beach looks like a great place to relax. Thanks for the trip.
Sat 5/11/2013 5:01 PM
Dawn Morris - Canton, MI

Great show on the Waterfalls in Grey County! I really enjoyed it and hope to travel there.
Sat 5/11/2013 10:24 PM
Jeff Weaver - Grayling, MI

Great Show! I'm a Park Ranger at Hartwick Pines State Park. I get a lot of questions about parks up north from folks heading to the U.P. now I can give some better info about the parks I have yet to visit.
Sun 5/12/2013 10:32 AM
Andrew Kapusta Jr - Clinon Township, MI

It was very relaxing to watch and enjoy the scenery (in the Waterfalls and Wonders episode). I cannot wait to visit Grey County. Thank you.
Sun 5/12/2013 2:39 PM
Alan Wehner - Warren, MI

I found (Grey County Waterfalls and Wonders) very interesting. I am always looking for new areas to explore.
Sun 5/12/2013 3:02 PM
Alan Wehner - Warren, MI

The fall is my favorite time of the year and this show (Fall Color on Big Bikes) gave me an idea for a new place to go visit.
Tue 5/14/2013 6:00 PM
Engel Pottery - Portage, MI

I enjoyed watching the show (on the Lighthouse Tour in Bruce County).
Wed 5/15/2013 7:08 PM
Candace  Wise - Black River , MI

Terrific waterfall tour! We’re going to plan a trip to Grey County as a result.
Sat 5/18/2013 12:03 PM
Jane Cole-Stitt - MI
Nice.  (Bruce County Lighthouse Tour) reminded me that I am going to visit light houses, it's on my bucket list!
Sat 5/18/2013 12:29 PM
Kris Koniar - Niagara Falls, ON

Loved (the lighthouse tour)! We're going to start planning our tour now.
Sat 5/18/2013 12:35 PM
Peter McGill - Oil Springs, ON

(Bruce County Beaches) was great! I haven't been up there since 1995 and I’m ready to go again. This time on a motorcycle! Thanks for this.
Sat 5/18/2013 7:18 PM
Andrew Kapusta, Jr. - Clinton Township, MI

Super show! I cannot wait for the next one, always a pleasure to watch (Great Getaways). Thank you.
Sat 5/18/2013 10:26 PM
Michelle Sinclair - Milford, IN

I love history and I thought (the Rifle River tour) was a good way to see a place close to home.
Sun 5/19/2013 3:00 PM
Diane Wolf - Northville, MI

My family loves lighthouses. Your shows are great!
Tue 5/21/2013 7:51 PM
Alfred Wood - Rochester, MI
I loved the show. Keep up the excellent work.
Wed 5/22/2013 4:49 AM
Greg Samoluk - Allen Park, MI

(Bruce County lighthouse tour) was great. Makes me want to go there this summer!
Wed 5/22/2013 10:22 AM
Kathy D'Alleva - St. Clair Shores, MI

We can't wait to do the lighthouse tour we saw on last night's show. It's been nearly 30 years since we went to Tobermory. Beautiful area, looking forward to seeing it all again! Thank you!
Sat 5/25/2013 12:08 PM
Eric Bemister - Troy, MI

Best of Michigan’s Sunrise Coast was very informative. Look forward to explore Oscoda. Great job
Sat 5/25/2013 12:13 PM
Gerald Kelley - Pontiac, MI

I watched the kayak program and found it extremely interesting. Your program reminds me of the traditional Michigan Out-of-Doors TV program from the 1960s which I watched when I was growing up. Please produce more. Thank you from an Old Time Michigan Guy.
Sat 5/25/2013 12:30 PM
William Branch - Clinton, MI

(Best of Michigan’s Sunrise Coast) was absolutely wonderful showed me things I would have never thought to look for. I look forward to exploring Michigan.
Sat 5/25/2013 12:30 PM
Matthew Franklin - Taylor, MI

Loved (the Best of Michigan’s Sunrise Coast episode), I can't wait to show my friends in Ohio so they can come with me.
Sat 5/25/2013 12:43 PM
John Alvaro - Shelby Township, MI

I thought (Grey County Summer Adventure) was great and informative. I loved the fishing part of the show. I would like to be close to home, where an 81 year old man can fish without a boat.
Sat 5/25/2013 1:41 PM
Paul Geiger - Sterling Hts., MI
Summer in Michigan is great! Great show!
Sat 5/25/2013 5:31 PM
Thomas Showers - Mason, MI

I am planning to visit the Oscoda area. I think (Great Getaways) is a good program. This coast area (the sunrise coast) is the place to see in person. I enjoyed the show.
Sat 5/25/2013 7:18 PM
Tim Morrison - Holland, MI

I loved the show (on the Tawases) and will be visiting the area in August. I‘ll be camping at the State Park.
Sun 5/26/2013 11:40 AM
Bob Alexander - Whitmore Lake, MI

I love all of the shows, keep up the good work.
Mon 5/27/2013 11:50 AM
Mary Jo Jaggers - Oregon, OH

Looking forward to adventuring the (Houghton) area and kayaking in July!
Tue 5/28/2013 8:00 PM
Clinton Davidson - Croswell, MI

I love (The best of Michigan’s Sunrise Coast). I have lived in Michigan all my life and really don't know much about the state but what is in my area. It’s really great to see more of it.
Tue 5/28/2013 8:05 PM
Wendy Barath - Canton, MI

Great Getaways is always enjoyable. Great get-away ideas. Thanks for showing all the great places to visit in our wonderful state.
June 2013
What did you think of this week's show?
Mon 6/3/2013 7:53 PM
Kenneth Lowe - Spring Arbor, MI

My family and I think that this is one of your best episodes (Houghton Lake: Making Memories), and we camp out in the state forest south west of Houghton Lake, and north of Leota. Four generations of our family have been camping out in this state forest for many years. Thank you for your programming and keep up the good work.
Tue 6/11/2013 12:39 AM
Steven Karl - Jackson, MI

Love the shows! Keep up the good work!
Wed 6/12/2013 11:11 PM
Aaron Thomas - Beverly Hills, MI

Where can I find this week’s episode?

You can find our current episodes by checking our home page. It is updated weekly with the latest airing episode. If you the episode you watched was different than the one listed that week, you can always check our archives.
Sat 6/15/2013 12:33 PM
Lyle Brown - Clio, MI
I really like the show. I watch it all the time. I liked the show on our state parks.
Mon 6/17/2013 9:32 PM
Mary Ann DeAnda - Port Huron, MI

I thought this week's show was awesome! (The Tawses).
Tue 6/18/2013 7:54 PM
Stephanie Wieszczecinski - Bay City, MI

I enjoyed watching the show (Houghton Lake Making Memories). I’m going to make take a vacation up to Houghton Lake this summer.
Tue 6/18/2013 8:02 PM
Patrick Curtin - Traverse City, MI

Today’s show was very informative and enjoyable. We love the UP and want to see more.
Tue 6/18/2013 8:55 PM
Nathan Crossno - Wyoming, MI

I continue to be envious of you guys being able to visit these amazing places week after week. I have planned my last two U.P. trips based on places you've shown. Keep up the good work!
Thu 6/20/2013 3:20 PM
Kristin Flejszar - Twin Lake, MI

Great show with great information! Can't wait to plan my get away!
Sat 6/22/2013 12:02 PM
Jim O'Neill - Redford, MI

Awesome! Loved (Ontario Epic Ride)! We're going!
Sat 6/22/2013 1:00 PM
John E. Kola - Waterford, MI

Great show (Ontario Epic Ride)! I would enjoy a bike trip up to the Town of Tobermory and all of the neat stops along the way. Thanks.
Sat 6/22/2013 4:35 PM
Jeffrey Phillips - Howell, MI

I loved Ontario Epic Ride. Getting the guys and maybe the wife together for a trip this fall.
Sat 6/22/2013 4:51 PM
Danny Griggs - Davison, MI

I always love all the shows that you have. Don't stop now!
Sun 6/23/2013 11:27 AM
Joseph Winkel - Lincoln Park, MI

Awesome show (Ontario Epic Ride). I ride (motorcycles) and after watching the show I want to head there this fall. Thank you for a great idea.
Sun 6/23/2013 12:29 PM
Karen Frye - Battle Creek, MI

Ontario Epic Ride was great! We’re looking forward to our next bike trip, traveling the way the show did it.
Sun 6/23/2013 5:20 PM
John Blanchard - DeWitt, MI

Great show (Ontario Epic Ride), plan to ride the trip with our bike group. I will be setting up the ride with information provided by you.
Sun 6/23/2013 7:02 PM
Bob Loucks - Lansing, MI

Great show on the motorcycles in (Ontario Epic Ride)! Please show more motorcycle rides.
Mon 6/24/2013 2:11 PM
Essie Kwan - Belleville, MI

Enjoyed Ontario Epic Ride, very entertaining and informative. I like the interviews, talking to local people, restaurant owners, and fellow Michigan riders you ran into.
Tue 6/25/2013 8:01 PM
John Kolmer - Midland, MI

Great scenery in Ontario Epic Ride! Ready to ride!
Wed 6/26/2013 9:58 AM
Sharon Rogala - Fairview, MI

I enjoyed the photography and commentary. Beautiful area in Ontario, I'd like to know more about it.
Sat 6/29/2013 12:05 PM
Terry Bean - East Tawas, MI

Great content. I was born here and you managed to tune me onto things I wasn't even aware of.
Sat 6/29/2013 12:15 PM
Dale Harwood - East Tawas, MI

It was great to see my home town featured on this episode. Please come back again.
Sat 6/29/2013 12:36 PM
Don Archangeli - East Tawas, MI

The same thing as always- Fantastic! I'm just sorry that money is too tight right now to afford traveling to your wonderful destinations, but I truly appreciate the great shows.
Sat 6/29/2013 12:33 PM
Don Gautz - Monroe, MI

You did a great job! We have a cottage in Hale and any time we go there we almost always make a trip to Tawas. It's one of our favorite places. We love to stroll out on the pier, shop in the downtown area and have pizza at G's pizza! I am 56 years old and my family has had the cabin in Hale since the 1940's so I have been going to Tawas for many, many years!
Sat 6/29/2013 4:36 PM
Rodney Firman - Republic, MI

The show was fantastic and I'll feel inspired to get out of my comfort zone and kayak for the first time. Great seeing the Tawas Bay area again. It's been 10 years since I've been on her shores and it's time I came back.
Sun 6/30/2013 10:09 AM
Paul Lewis - Westland, MI

I thought it was a great show. Really enjoyed the hiking part of the show on the Corsair Trail system.
Sun 6/30/2013 12:00 PM
Dwane Irelan - Muskegon, MI

it was a awesome show. It is a nice area and I would come to enjoy all the sights to see.

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