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Episode #1511

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July 2003

What did you think of this week's show?


Growing up I used to spend many summers with my relatives in the Copper Country. Now I do not have as much time to stay. However your program does keep the longing to return alive. I have enjoyed your program for some time, keep up the good work. Your ahow has even got my wife interested in going North. We will be enjoying the Indian State Camp Ground the last week of July. Great program about the waterfalls.
Robert R.

Thanks for a great letter.


My husband and I would like to take a week in October and visit the Upper Peninsula for possible retirement properties. Do you have any material available to help us find scenic locations as well as real estate sites and interesting lodging as we travel? Thank You
Mrs John W.

The best guide is the UP Travel Planner. You can get it free by calling 1-800-562-7134


Dear Tom
My name is Carl, I have been looking for information on gold mining and panning for gold in the UP and all I can get is general information. Like they did mine for gold up there but no locations or the names of the mines. Can you help me or point me in the right direction to look for info. Thanks

Try calling 1-800-562-7134 they may be able to help.


Hello Tom,
Just went to your website and see you are leaving. I am sorry, I looked forward to it each week. Will look forward to your new show.

Hi Windsong, Not leaving, just changing.


Tom--I am a faithful watcher of Northern Experience. I was checking the web site to see what was on tap for this Saturday's program (on our cable it is 8 am Sat morning PBS 56 out of Detroit). I was sadden to read your letter. I love the UP and have visited many of the spots you have highlighted down through the years. I know many of my snowmobile buddies in my area (Adrian Michigan) also watch the program. Good luck in your new venture. It is a great thing you have been doing.Faithful listener, Dave
Dave S.

Hey Dave, don't be sad, be excited! We are going to a lot of new places and doing new things but we will be still going to the old places and doing the old things. Keep Watching.


Hi Tom,
Just had a thought. If you are able to cover the 2004 Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race, in January, would you be interested in running in our Celebrity Sled Dog Race? It's only a couple of miles with good dog teams. We usually have some local, Luce County, people (State Police, DNR Conservation Officers, MSU Extension Mgr., local radio DJs, etc.). Don't know if you've ever run a team before-it's a BALL! The Race Officials, Volunteers and Spectators have alot of fun with it. Let me know what you think.
Thanks again, Phil
Phil M.

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