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Episode #1501 Annual Heritage Coast Sail Days on Lake Huron

“Annual Heritage Coast Sail Days on Lake Huron”

Episode #1501

This event includes a Traditional Boat Regatta where handmade rowing and sailing boats compete. If you build it, they will come and that is exactly what they did for this event. Then it’s on to celebrate and enjoy good music and good food.

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Tawas Bay, Michigan

Map GG1501


visit the official website of Tawas Bay Area Tourism and plan your visit


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Episode #1506

"Our Favorite Fishing Trips PT2"

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Episode 1506 Our Favorite Fishing Trips pt2

Houghton Lake Tourism

We have had so many great fishing adventures in and around Michigan that it was time that we took the best and put them in a series of 2 shows. You will enjoy everything from fly fishing on the Rifle River to salmon fishing on Lake Huron. This is part 2 of 2.

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Episode #1504

"Roscommon Trails"

(Houghton Lake, Michigan)
Episode 1504 Roscommon Trails

Houghton Lake Tourism

From ORV Trails where we take the Jeeps off road onto giant, punishing rocks to trails that take us disc golfing and kayaking and trails that take us through an old growth forest, this trip is about Trails of all kinds.

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