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19 January 2016

Tom and Dennis

"Winter in the Sault"

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Air date: January 21-27

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February 1-6, 2016

Join us at the I-500 Track, located at 984 W. 4th Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie, MI  for the most grueling snowmobile race in the country, the I-500. 


For more race information visit International 500


Official race buttons are available seven days before the race at a cost of $20 US | $25 CA




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X-Country Skiing

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Downtown Fun

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We hope you will love February's schedule of shows, including an all-new viewer's choice show the first week of February. We have listened to your comments and put together a montage from your favorite shows.

"The Best, as Selected by our Viewers"     NEW

"Best Hiking Trails in the Midwest" 

# "Great Getaways Watering Holes"      NEW

"Great Getaways Fish Fry"   NEW




Great Getaways is a television travel series that spotlights active getaway adventures across the Midwest and Canada with an emphasis on the outdoors.

Host Tom O'Boyle travels to a variety of destinations and talks to the locals about vacation and recreation opportunities.

Join us as we continue to discover more Great Getaways.




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