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28 July 2015

July 2015



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Greetings to all our fans, followers and viewers!

   We may have had to wait a little longer this year for some real summer weather, but hasn't it been glorious?

   It has been a great year so far for filming and meeting so many interesting people along the way - in fact, making new friends is one of my favorite parts of my job.

   Our show is unique. We provide entertainment and information. It is not only the beauty, attractions and locales, but we want you to see how as a visitor you will be greeted and treated so you can be assured of a good time when you take your next Great Getaway!


Tom O'Boyle 

Show Host/Producer/Photographer




NEW:  Fishing shows airing in August

We do not teach you how to fish on our shows. We will leave that to the experts. But we can show you some of the best places to drop that line and then where you can wine and dine, go to festivals and spend lots of time in the area checking out the attractions with your friends.

Fishing in the U.P. -  Schoolcraft County Lakes





Fishing & Festivals at Michigan's Other Great Lakes


RENEWED: July 30-Isle Royale Revisited

There is only one Isle Royale and you will never see anything like it. It is the last great wilderness in the Midwest. It was a trip of a lifetime and we look forward to sharing it with you.




Great Getaways Viewer Comments:

As always, great show! Relaxing, peaceful and eye catching are just a few ways to describe this show. Keep up the great work! We need it. - Clinton Township, MI


This is a trip (Grey Co. Ontario) I will plan to go this year - looking forward to a relaxing trip! I have done other trips from the show, and have not been disappointed. - Warren, MI


First and foremost the show is great!  Your travel planner is a huge plus for us to plan our trip. You take out all of the work for us in looking for hotels, locations to stay and places to visit. We watch it every week. - Fenton, MI


We invite your comments at any time! Comment here.




  Great Getaways - a travel show and more

     A note to our viewers:

    Great Getaways is a television travel series that spotlights active getaway adventures across the Midwest and Canada with an emphasis on the outdoors.

    We air on your favorite PBS station in Michigan and 13 other states. If you cannot find us, please contact your station. Also, let your station know how much you like Great Getaways. You can find our regular stations here.

    At the end of each episode listen for how to get more information and details on each destination so you can plan your own great getaway.

    Thank you,

Dennis Serra

Executive Producer/Cameraman/Editor




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