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Episode: 7726 "Mid-Michigan Winter" Travel Planner
Ogemaw County is well known for its outstanding cross-country ski trails and the Ogemaw Hills Pathway is the gem that we will discover. The trails wind through approximately 15 miles of the AuSable State Forest providing groomed cross country trails for all skill levels. We spend time checking out the snowmobile trails and end our trip with a meal fit for a king. If you’re looking for a winter getaway for the whole family you will love this trip.
The following are some suggested itineraries, based on our own experiences with accompanying video clips to help you decide if it is a place for you. Feel free to select only one or two activities per day according to your family’s interests. For assistance or for more information, call the West Branch Visitors Bureau - (800) 755-9091. Have fun!
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West Branch Winter Description bring your family, warm clothes, and winter gear
Description Conveniently located off of I-75, with abundant snowfall and meticulously maintained trails, it is no wonder that so many outdoor enthusiasts select West Branch and Ogemaw County as their wintertime destination. So bundle up and get ready to explore winter in Ogemaw County!
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Cross-Country Skiing - Ogemaw Hills Pathway
Description 4 hours // x-country skis, layered clothing, thermos, water, snacks, first aid kit, compass, cell phone, map
Description We finished a hearty breakfast and were ready to start our day with some cross country skiing. We had heard that there was a cross country ski trail here that was the envy of the state and I was excited to try it.  It was the Ogemaw Hills Pathway.
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Ice Fishing Description 6 hours // fishing gear, auger, warm clothing, waterproof boots, hand warmers, warm drinks, snacks, ice spikes, compass
Description I was looking forward to trying some of the ice fishing that I have heard so much about. The county is just loaded with lakes no matter which direction you went. When I asked Steve where we were headed he didn’t say a thing except “follow me”.
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Rifle River Recreation Area Description 5 hours // snowshoes, layered clothing, thermos, water, snacks, first aid kit, compass, cell phone, map
Description Steve had told me he was going to take me to a snowshoe area where I could break my own trail and I was excited with the opportunity. Well, when Steve said "drop me off" that is exactly what he meant. He showed us how to get to the Rifle River Recreation Area and said "have fun and I will see you tomorrow!" This is the jewel of this nature-blessed county – a wilderness located within the AuSable State Forest.
Links » Rifle River Recreation Area [West Branch Visitors Bureau]
» Rifle River Recreation Area - Trail Map PDF [PDF 364 kb]

Snowmobiling Description full day // snowmobile, snacks, drinks, cell phone
Description I guess the secret is finally out: Snowmobiling is one of the most exciting ways to experience Michigan's snow-lined back-country in winter. Unlike other snow sports, this one can be quickly learned and doesn’t require a lot of physical stamina.
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